She's Out of Control

She's Out of Control (1989)

Ending / spoiler

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Doug crashes the senior prom while he's at dinner with his future in-laws at the same hotel. He follows Katie back to the hotel where the seniors are post-prom partying. Katie's date tries to take advantage of her, but she fights him off just as Doug busts into the hotel room. Katie gets mad at Doug for not trusting her, and runs off. Doug rushes to the airport the next day, to find Katie who is leaving for a class trip to Europe for the summer. They make up and Katie then sees that her old nerdy boyfriend has now become cute and they get back together. All seems to end on a happy note until Doug returns home to find his younger daughter Bonnie getting picked up for a date and the nightmare begins all over.


Continuity mistake: In the beach scene the boys are eating ice cream cones. The ice cream keeps changing size.

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