The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Corrected entry: This film shows Sellers meeting director Stanley Kubrick for the first time during the preproduction phases of "Dr Strangelove" in 1963. In fact the men had known each other for years - Kubrick directed Sellers in "Lolita" in 1962.

Correction: In the initial scenes with Kubrick, when he is trying to get Sellers to do "Strangelove," it is clear that the they know each other and it is implied that they have worked together before.

Corrected entry: This film shows Sellers faking a broken leg in order to get out of playing a fourth role (the pilot) in Dr. Strangelove, after learning the trick from his son. What cobblers. In fact, Sellers fell fifteen feet off a ladder on the set of the film, and director Stanley Kubrick was there to see it happen. Sellers genuinely broke his leg and was replaced in the role by Slim Pickens as a result.

Correction: This is not a documentary; it's a heavily fictionalised account of his life. Artistic licence is therefore allowable.

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Corrected entry: When Sellers reports to Stanley on the set of "Doctor Strangelove" look at the set of the B52 they have built. It is not a set - it is a mock up of the entire fuselage, including the bomb bay and the cockpit above it. Sellers, the pilot, has to climb a tall ladder to get in, just like in real life. Who on earth would build a set like that? Where would the (then) huge 35mm films cameras go? What about the lights? The crew? They'd have to balance on ladders and film through the windows. In fact the set would have been (and was) built entirely separate to the bomb bay, without a roof and with access for actors and crew.

Correction: That's not what you see. You see the set of the bomb bay of the B52 from underneath, and it has curved walls simulating the interior walls of the B52 fuselage as it was also designed to be shot from above - when Major Kong was sitting astride the bomb as it drops. The cockpit set was completely separate.

Corrected entry: When Peter is shooting the scene for "Being There," when his friend leaves, there is a pause and Peter says "Bye Louise." The director then says "Cut and Print." Later when Peter is watching it on video, there is no pause between when she leaves and he says "Bye Louise."

Correction: Perhaps the pause was taken out in the editing room for the final cut of the film?

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Visible crew/equipment: Peter comes home after having sex with the Sophia Loren stand-in, and when he walks into the lounge room and finds Michael and the babysitter asleep on the couch, a camera shadow is visible on the lamp shade.

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Peter Sellers: People ask me why do I keep compromising my artistic integrity by walking in front of Blake's cameras. And you know what I tell them? Money.

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