Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Corrected entry: When Miriam is slapping a hysterical Charlotte in the car, she is hitting a dummy. The head moves unnaturally, as if mounted on a pivot joint, and the rest of her body is completely still.

Correction: Charlotte is not a dummy. You don't have to move your shoulders when you are slapped. No, the whole slapping scene is all Charlotte.


Factual error: Charlotte tells the sheriff that when her cousin Miriam arrives, she will know how to handle the County Commissioner. Louisiana doesn't have counties. They have parishes. (00:25:25)

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Question: I've been puzzling over this for decades: who smashes the mirrors in the music room? Is it Charlotte, in a drug-induced state - that would explain the marks on her arm, pretty bad ones, too - but she loves the house, she wouldn't hurt it? Or is it Drew, and they - he and Miriam - imply she did it, to make Charlotte think she's crazier than she already is? It can't be Miriam - she was in bed, asleep.


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