A History of Violence

After Several harassments from mobster Carl Fogarty and his men, Tom Stall's son, Jack, is kidnapped by them. Fogarty is convinced that Tom Stall is actually Joey Cusack, a runaway mob hitman, and orders him to enter his car in return for his son. A deal is formed at the outskirts of Tom's house, as his wife watches the events from the window. As soon as Jack enters the house, Tom smashes one thug's nose and shoots another before being shot in the shoulder by Fogarty. It is then when Stall admits that he IS Joey Cusack, and before Fogarty kills him, he's blasted by a shotgun by Tom's son, Jack. Tom hugs Jack. Due to the discovery, Tom's life is destroyed, when his wife stays away from him. He then sets off to Philadelphia to confront his older brother, Richie. While in Richie's office, Richie is angry with Tom for his acts, and suddenly, Tom is being strangled from behind. He manages to release himself and kills 3 of Richie's bodyguards. At the end, Tom blasts Richie's brain and somberly returns home to his family, where he is greeted by his wife and kids at the table for dinner.


Continuity mistake: In the scene with Edie and the shotgun, there is a shot of Jack eating cereal. He pauses in amazement, with the spoon halfway to his mouth, then it cuts away and when it cuts back to him, he is still frozen in shock, but there is a bigger mound of cereal on the spoon.


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Trivia: This was the last major Hollywood movie to be released on VHS.

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