How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

Peter McGowan is a British playwright who lives in L.A. with his wife Melanie and mother-in-law. In the 80s, Peter had many hit plays in theater but now he has a streak of flops. Complications surround him: his wife wants to have a child (but he doesn't), he's impotent, his mother-in-law is senile (and must be taken care of 24/7), he's having trouble writing a new play and he's suffering from insomnia (and his neighbor's dog's barking certainly isn't helping him get some sleep). But then new things come into Peter's life: a single mother and her daughter move into the neighborhood and a stalker who claims that he is Peter McGowan (who likes to take late night walks in Pete's neighborhood).


Peter McGowan: Are you drunk or something?
Larry: What time is it?
Peter McGowan: Four.
Larry: Yep.

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