Just Like Heaven

The day that the hospital is to pull her plug, David decides to steal Elizabeth's body to buy some time to figure out how to get her spirit back into her body.With the help of his therapist friend, he races to the hospital. He punches out the doctor that was assigned to pull her plug, and races Elizabeth to the elevators. A security guard blocks their path, and his friend tackles him, but ends up ripping off Elizabeth's breathing tube.David doesnt make it to the elevators, he and Elizabeth's body end up being surrounded by doctors, Abby, and security guards. Since Elizabeth no longer has her breathing tube to sustain her life and spirit, she slowly starts to fade away in front of David's eyes and her heart monitor flat-lines. In a last attempt to keep her alive and with him, he kisses her knowing that she can feel his touch. You find out that David is Elizabeth's unfinished bussiness. He was the blind date that Abby set her up with as her dinner date the night of her accident.David's therapist friend is Abby's ex-boyfriend, J.J. from college who Abby kissed on her wedding day. The security guards yank him off her and as he is being held down, Elizabeth starts to breathe on her own and her heart begins beating.She wakes up and David rushes to her side, but she doesnt recognize him or even remembers him at all. Heartbroken, David walks away. David moves out of her apartment and she moves back in. She feels like something is missing, and walks up to the rooftop. There we see that David has built her a rooftop garden like the one she always wanted. She asks how he got in and he says the sparekey under the fire extinguisher. Some small deja vu comes to her but she shakes it off.She asks for it back, and as their hands touch, everything comes flooding back to her. David kisses her and the last scene is the eccentric bookseller looking at a snowglobe of San Francisco and saying, "righteous".


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Continuity mistake: When David goes to see his friend for coffee, watch J.J.'s coffee mug. From behind, the handle is on his left. From the front, it's on his right. (00:15:10)


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Maitre D': Whats wrong with him?
Elizabeth Masterson: It's a tension pneumothorax.
David Abbott: I think it's a tension nemothax, sir.
Elizabeth Masterson: Pneumothorax.
David Abbott: Nuemathax, sir.
Elizabeth Masterson: Pneumothorax.
David Abbott: Numathurman.
Elizabeth Masterson: Never mind.
David Abbott: Never mind.

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Question: What is the alternate ending for this film?

Answer: In the end they are both standing in her garden at the top of the building. He asks, "do you remember me?" She pauses for a moment and replies, "no." And then she walks away.


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