Mysterious Skin
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Eric: Okay's a relative term.

Neil: You're the only one I ever told.
Wendy: I know.
Neil: I never told Eric or my Mom. And I know some people might think it's f_____d up, or whatever? But what happened that summer... is a huge part of me. No one ever made me feel that way, before or since. Like I was special.
Wendy: Neil, you were eight years old.
Neil: Yeah, but he really loved me. I mean, there were other kids sometimes, but... I was his prize. I was his one true love.

Coach: I like you, Neil. I like you so much.

Neil: Different folks, different strokes.

Wendy: I can't believe I'm finally getting out of this fucking nowhere town.

Neil: You called me your fucking... angel.

Neil: I hate it when they look like Tarzan but sound like Jane.

Factual error: In the scene where they all meet up for Christmas dinner, later they drive to the park and there are green leaves on the trees.


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