Spirit Trap

Spirit Trap (2005)

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Jenny, Nick, Tom and Adele learn that their accomidation is haunted by Edmaund an african butler who (back in 1904) was cruicified into the stone floor by a racist lynch mob, because he was in a sexual relationship with his widowed mistress. She begged him to shoot her in order to be spared from the bigotted gang's, hateful wraith. Before Edmund could turn the gun on himself his gun misfired ensuring he was seized, tourtured, mutilated and 'executed'. Tina is revealed to be his mistres lover who helped him lure the four students to the spirit trap in order to free him. Edmund makes it clear that one of them must now take his place by midnight otherwise they'll all die and be stuck with him forever. They were chosen because each of them is directly or indirectly responsible for causing a fatality of someone close to them. Jenny smothered her dying mother in a mercy killy. Nick's older brother Sam was drowned while saving his little sibling after they fell through the ice (from skating on an unsafe frozen pond). As for Tom & Adele their mate, Zack od'ed thanks to a tainted stash of cocaine. Blaming Adele for his current situation a drug fueled Tom strangles her before turning his rage on his other house mates (during which Nick clonks him over the head with a brass candlestick holder), going for & after them with first a hammer (which was used to nail Edmund's hands and feet to the floor) and then an antique pistol (the same one Edmund reluctantly used on Tina), the chamber however is now blocked and explodes in his hand, severing his fingers, a fight between our surviving trio occurs ending with Jenny dropping the Russian grandfather 'spirit clock' on top of him, it's pointed pendulum impaling him into the floor. Critically injured Tom grabs her ankle since now he can't leave then neither shall she, but Nick recovers and slams the claw end of the hammer down hard on Tom's wrist freeing Jenny, both burst out of the front door to find it's now the first day they entered the house...and the building is now condemed and being (so it seems) demolished. Back inside Tom begs for help from Adele, but she lets him know he's now beyond any help and departs with him screaming as he finds himself in padlocked in the room Edmund died in. Outside Jenny and Nick see both their loved ones, together with Edmund & Tina reunited at long last along with Adele and Zack. And all the while they still hear Tom screaming from within the bowels of the house behind them.


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