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Corrected entry: Aboard the plane, the pilots claim the landing gear will not come up. The co-pilot goes to check on it, and before he gets there, he is attacked by the main character. Then there is a shot of the underside of the plane, with all the landing gear magically up, without anyone having done anything.

Correction: The landing gear wouldn't rise because Frank was in the way, therefore, as soon as he went up into the plane, the landing gear would have lifted into place.

Heather Craft

Corrected entry: When Frank rolls his car in mid-air to tear the bomb off with the crane hook, this is totally unreal. The car weighs much more than the crane hook, so it would just bounce the crane hook out of the way. This trick would only work if the crane hook was welded solidly to the jib.


Correction: First of all, the stunt is in its entirety ridiculously impossible. Ironically, the specific part that this entry takes issue with is actually feasible. The hook is only snagging the bomb, not the car, so it doesn't matter if the hook has more mass than the car; it just needs to have more mass than the bomb.

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Corrected entry: Frank is forced to drive off with the little kid because a sniper is aiming his gun at the kid and Lola has her gun pressed against Frank's groin. In the car chase that follows, it is visible that Lola does not point her gun at Frank anymore. Yet, Frank does not seize any of the numerous opportunities to kill or get rid of her.

Correction: He's busy with that car chase you mentioned.

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Corrected entry: When the plane starts spinning sideways in the air, the amount of force would have ripped off the tail fin.

Correction: That's called a flat spin and planes are made to survive flat spins. Good pilots can even pull out of a flat spin.

Corrected entry: When Max's father collapses while walking away from his press conference, a woman behind him wearing red screams loudly. The problem is, she starts screaming way, way before he collapse or does anything out-of-ordinary. He takes a sip of champagne and coughs a bit, then she starts screaming, then he coughs harder and collapses, then she screams louder. The actress must have thought that he was going down and when he was only coughing and hit her cue early. Nobody would start screaming like that if someone coughed a bit immediately after taking a sip of a drink.

Correction: He was starting to violently cough and stagger about when she started screaming, she obviously assumed he was choking on something or having some kind of violent reaction to something. Her screaming before he collapses is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Audi with the W12 engine is an incredibly quick car, certainly far quicker than anything Miami Police would have, yet Frank struggles to maintain any kind of gap over them.

Correction: Police cars are not always stock engines. The Audi would have 450 HP, assuming it is a stock engine, and 0 to 60 mph takes 5.8 seconds. Quick, but there are some 4 and 6 cylinder sports cars that can accelerate that fast as well. A recent police interceptor, running a 5.7 liter Chev engine can go 0 to 60 mph in 5.87 seconds, pretty negligible difference. Keep in mind an Audi is built to excel on the Autobahn, and as such, the gearing is meant for sustained high speed cruising, while a police interceptor is geared for quick acceleration in an urban environment. Over extended distances, the Audi will outpace the police cars, but in a stop and go urban environment, the police cars would be better able to keep up.

Corrected entry: When Frank is driving Jack home from school, they arrive at Jack's home. As Frank is beginning his turn into the driveway, Jack is not in the car. In the next shot, Jack is sitting in the middle of the back seat, visible through the windshield. (00:06:45)

Correction: Jack could easily have been slouching or laying down in the back seat. Ever tried getting a kid to sit still when travelling?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is fighting the biggest guy he has to fight in the movie, taking place on a boat in a warehouse, the guy he is fighting rips both sleeves off of Frank's jacket and one sleeve off of his shirt. In the next scene, where Frank arrives at his car, he has put his jacket back on and it has both sleeves intact.

Correction: After the fight, we see Frank walk up to his trunk and remove a new, clean, shirt, jacket and tie in a plastic bag. He obviously changed his clothes after the fight.

Corrected entry: After Frank jumps his car from the parking garage to the rooftop, he is seen driving above an alley with his car's tires straddling two adjacent buildings. He didn't land that way, so how did his car get there, and how did he get it back down?

Correction: We can assume Frank is a good enough driver to get his car in and out of that position. After all, he does knock a bomb off his car by flipping it into a crane, which is near impossible.

Corrected entry: When Frank is hijacked by Lola and smashes his way through the police cars, no damage is caused to the car. The car might be bulletproof, but the bumpers are plastic and should crumple like any other bumper.

Correction: This was stated when the car hit the cement wall in the parking garage, this car has been MODIFIED to withstand all damage and protect the people riding in it. Basically, the car cannot be damaged.

Corrected entry: When Frank jumps his car from one building to the next, it doesn't matter how fast he is going. After getting through the concrete barrier, his car would not glide down as it appears to do in the film, but rather, would probably go a short distance before simply free-falling to the ground.

Correction: As with most action movies, some suspension of disbelief is required precisely for this type of reason. cars don't survive jumps, actors can't get beaten as they do, and bullets manage to miss or hit depending on which serves the plot better.

Corrected entry: When Frank is escaping the hospital Lola sprays his car with her machine pistols. When bullets hit bullet proof glass they penetrate partially, they don't spark on the glass. Furthermore the bullet proof part of the body is internal so the rounds would have left pockmarks along the body. Later just before being carjacked by Lola her boss states that bullet proof glass can't stop a 7.62 armour piercing round. True, but the machine pistols Lola use are not 7.62 calibre; if Frank knows enough to realise his armour wouldn't stop a 7.62 round, he should know that the machine pistols weren't 7.62's.

Correction: He is not talking about the bullets from her guns, he is talking about someone else, a sniper most likely, who would shoot at the car. It wouldn't make sense being her bullets because she wasn't even there yet.

Corrected entry: Frank's cell phones in the movie are Nokia 8910i's. Even though Nokia's product placement department keeps sneaking that phone into American movies, that phone will not work in the US GSM band. Frank would have gotten a 'No Service' message.

Correction: My brother in law brought over a phone from Russia which did not work. We simply changed the network card inside the phone, and purchased a service plan here in North America so it does work. Frank could easily do the same.

Corrected entry: When Lola opens fire on Frank at the doctor's office, he ducks behind an interior door, and the rounds apparently can't penetrate a hollow-core door. She subsequently shoots at a helicopter and it immediately blows up.

Correction: The rounds do penetrate the door, the door simply makes it harder for her to hit Frank because he uses it as a shield so she can't see him.

Corrected entry: When Frank is riding the water jet with the random woman as his passenger saddled up behind him, in one close-up shot of Frank the red wrist-band of the jet's ignition key is visible on Frank's wrist, although it is obvious that he neither had the time to put it on nor to take it off once he got on land. At the same time, if he did not put on the wrist-band (as we did not see him put it on) and he threw the actual rider (the woman) to his back, he would not have been able to ride the jet as it is mostly probable that the original rider had the wrist-band on her and when tossing the woman to the back-saddle the ignition key should have been pulled out and the jet's motor should have died.

Correction: If you see the movie carefully you see that the wristband is tied to the handle of the jetski all the time, when he throws the woman to the back and when he is driving the jetski.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank jumps his car from a parking garage to an adjacent rooftop, he smashes his car through a cinder-block wall, but when he lands, his car's front end has no damage.

Correction: The car has been retrofitted with parts that will protect him and the car from any damage.

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Corrected entry: When Frank grabs the antidote off the street, after it almost gets hit by a semi, it starts raining. When he jumps out of the building to catch the antidote, the sky is blue, not raining.

Correction: Yes, it began raining right after he grabbed the antidote, even though it was clear when he first jumped out the building. Rain can start falling and get heavy in a matter of seconds in Miami (where this movie is set), and in many other places for that matter.

Continuity mistake: When Franks Audi does the big jump from the top of the car park, it lands and you can see the front of the car get damaged, yet in later shots the damage has gone.

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Max: Don't worry, baby. You're safe, you're safe, you're so beautiful. You remind me of my yellow poom-poom rider.

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Trivia: Was originally shot with an intended R-rating, though the studio subsequently demanded the film be edited down for a PG-13. Thankfully, the film only needed to be trimmed by a few seconds to remove excess blood and profanity.


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Question: Why was Frank evading the police after managing to escape the bad guys? Couldn't Audrey tell them that he was on their side?

Answer: The police will just get in the way and slow things down too much. Frank can operate outside of the law and get more done and get it done quicker. Plus, they can't just take Audrey's word for it.


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