The Transporter 2

Continuity mistake: When Franks Audi does the big jump from the top of the car park, it lands and you can see the front of the car get damaged, yet in later shots the damage has gone.

Continuity mistake: The Audi car is missing its W12 logo in the grill in one shot. In different scenes with the Audi, there are two different number plates at the front (at least where the number plate were supposed to be: one with two "holes" at the lower end, and one without. Obvious that there were 2 different cars used.

Continuity mistake: When Lola is in Frank's car, in the garage she doesn't have her seat belt on in the close-up. Then in two following shots she has her seat belt on. In the next following close-up, the seatbelt is off once again before she is seen putting it on.

Continuity mistake: When Frank picks up Jack at the beginning of the movie, Jack is seen leaving the school. Right before the shot, where the kids touch Franks car, Jack is carrying his schoolbag over his right shoulder. When he opens the car door, he is carrying it on both shoulders. (00:04:50)

Continuity mistake: When Lola kills the receptionist and doctor at the office, you can quickly see her bullets hit the window behind the doctor (at the end of the hallway) cracking the window up. Yet, in the next scene, when Frank is walking around, the window is not damaged at all.

Continuity mistake: When Frank does the big jump from the car park roof and lands, the bomb under the car should have been torn off.

Continuity mistake: At the doctor's office, Lola shoots up a police car, damaging the passenger doors, and destroying the light bar on top, then steals the car. When arriving at Audrey's house, to get into Frank's car and kidnap the kid, the police car she is driving has an intact light bar on top. When Frank leaves the driveway, and accelerates away, the police car is hit, but once again the light bar is shot up, and there are bullet holes in the passenger side doors.

Continuity mistake: When "Lola" (the lingerie-clad assassin) forces her way into Frank's car and makes him drive at gunpoint, her heavy black eye makeup is smeared under her eyes. Throughout the scene it changes from being a very wide smudge to just being a little smudged under her eyes.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank's fighting the guards with the fire hose, one of the last guys to attack him (in a red shirt) runs up very close to the Frank, who then backs away maybe 5 feet. In the next shot that same person with the red shirt is now about 15 feet away and charging toward Frank.

Continuity mistake: During the final battle, after Frank and the bad guy roll around the plane the first time, Frank pins him against the wall and punches him. But in one shot his hands flip and he is hitting him with the opposite that he was in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the garage scene, Frank picks up his gun from the floor and it's noticeably different (more resembling a Desert Eagle) than the gun he dropped.

Continuity mistake: The bomb attached to Frank's car is very close to touching the ground, surely when Frank exited the car park quite swiftly, it would have been ripped off.

Continuity mistake: The Audi's W12 logo switches place in the grill in some of the scenes, look when they drive on the beach.

Continuity mistake: When Frank reaches in front of the tire to grab the vile, it's sunny. In the next shot as he's walking back towards his vehicle, it's dark and has started to downpour. This change would not have happened so quickly.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when the hoodlums are trying to steal Frank's car, in one shot the man getting into the driver's seat is standing outside the car, but in the next shot he is already getting inside, and about to close the door.

Continuity mistake: When Frank tries to evade the police cars, with Jack and Lola in the car with him, his car's rearview mirror disappears and reappears repeatedly. (00:26:00)

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Continuity mistake: Frank and Jack arrive at Audrey's house and Lola enters the Audi. She opens the window and uses her guns. In the following shots the window is sometimes open, sometimes closed.

Continuity mistake: In the plane fight scene before splashdown, the plane was falling and turning/tilting as shown from the outside, but when the scene changes to the inside the fighters are standing straight.

Continuity mistake: Dimitri gets angry at Sonavitch and strikes him across the nose, cutting Sonavitch, and causes him to bleed. The blood only stays on his face, with none of the blood getting on that white lab coat he is wearing. Eventually Frank shows up and throws a knife, which he picks up from a table, into Sonavitch's left leg, as Sonavitch is trying to flee. All of a sudden there is blood on the white lab coat. (00:54:00)


Continuity mistake: Some guy puts a bomb under Franks car because they managed to escape, yet when he escapes from the cops (with Lola in the car), the bomb isn't there. A while later when the kid has been dragged out of the car, he looks under it, and sees the bomb's reflection in the floor.

Continuity mistake: When Franks Audi does the big jump from the top of the car park, it lands and you can see the front of the car get damaged, yet in later shots the damage has gone.

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Trivia: Was originally shot with an intended R-rating, though the studio subsequently demanded the film be edited down for a PG-13. Thankfully, the film only needed to be trimmed by a few seconds to remove excess blood and profanity.


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Question: Why was Frank evading the police after managing to escape the bad guys? Couldn't Audrey tell them that he was on their side?

Answer: The police will just get in the way and slow things down too much. Frank can operate outside of the law and get more done and get it done quicker. Plus, they can't just take Audrey's word for it.


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