The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm (2005)

8 mistakes - chronological order

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Revealing mistake: When Angelika is struggling to free herself from the roots of the forest trees, a black wire/rope gets caught under her chin and she has to grab it and remove it. (00:45:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the French General attempts to burn down the forest, Jacob throws the magical axe at the King's servant, who is attempting to kill him. The magical axe comes back and kills the servant. In the next scene, you see Jacob climbing the Tower, and on the ground you can see the axe, with no blood on it, and the body is nowhere to be seen.

Revealing mistake: The "metal" axe in his hand bends as Jacob flies through the window of the tower and smashes into the floor.

Continuity mistake: When Wilhelm and Jacob arrive into the town, they get out of the carriage and start stretching. When Wilhelm is calling "Hello, good people, is anyone there?" Jacob is stretching, with one arm in the air and one by his side. It then cuts to a shot of Jacob through a window, and he has both arms in the air, with no time to change between shots.

Factual error: The French Cuirassiers are all carrying lances. Cuirassiers did not carry lances - their primary weapon was the sword.

Factual error: In the dancing scene in the pub, the band playing contains a tuba. The tuba was not invented until the mid-1830s.

Continuity mistake: When the forest is burning, the general's aide pours him a glass of white wine. The general can then be seen holding the glass of white wine while his aide holds a decanter of red wine.

Factual error: At least in two different shots people are humming Johannes Brahms' lullaby. This shouldn't be possible, because Brahms didn't compose his lullaby (op49. No 4, Wiegenlied) until 1868.

Sasha: It's all right! They're the brothers Grimm! People talk about them in Marsburg! They're famous!
Will: Right you are son! The famous brothers Grimm. Look at this strapping young man.
Gregor: "He" is my daughter.
Will: And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man.

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