Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
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Arthur Seaton: Mam called me barmy when I told her I fell of a gasometer for a bet. But I'm not barmy, I'm a fighting pit prop that wants a pint of beer, that's me. But if any knowing bastard says that's me I'll tell them I'm a dynamite dealer waiting to blow the factory to kingdom come. I'm me and nobody else. Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not because they don't know a bloody thing about me! God knows what I am.

Arthur Seaton: Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Arthur Seaton: They have a television set and a packet of fags, but they're both dead from the neck up.

Arthur Seaton: Look I'll go and see me Aunt Ada, she'll know what to do, she's had 14 kids of her own and I'm sure she's got rid of as many others.

Arthur Seaton: What do you do in the week Doreen, do you ever go to pictures?
Doreen: Only on Wednesday, why?
Arthur Seaton: That's funny, I go on Wednesday n'all. Which one you go to?
Doreen: The Granby, as a rule.
Arthur Seaton: I'll see you next Wednesday then at 7.
Doreen: Fast worker aren't you. All right, but not on the back row.

Arthur Seaton: What's your name then duck?
Doreen: Doreen, rotten name ain't it.
Arthur Seaton: What's wrong with it? Mine's Arthur, neither of them's up to much but it's not our fault, is it.

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