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Corrected entry: After Lisa kicks Jackson, her shoe gets stuck in his leg. In the next scene (in the bathroom), she is barefoot and has had no time in between these shots to take the other shoe off her left foot.

Correction: She had plenty of time to take it off. As Jackson is coming up the steps, Lisa kicks him, stabbing his leg with her stiletto heel. Then you see her falling to the floor as Jack tumbles down the staircase to the bottom. He then goes to the front hall and gets the knife from his dead associate. During that time, Lisa, either while still on the floor or right after she got up, could have quickly slipped off the other shoe before going barefoot out the window and onto the scaffolding then into the bathroom where she locks herself in.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lisa wakes up after being hit in the head by Jackson, he says that he got her some aspirin, but you can't get aspirin on flights.

Correction: Whats to say Jackson didn't have the aspirin on him? Saying he got her some doesn't necessarily mean he got it from the flight crew.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jackson is trying to open the bathroom door with the knife, he finally does and the key falls out of the hole. Later Lisa goes to the same door and locks it, with the key magically back in the hole. (01:07:20 - 01:08:55)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: The door to the bathroom that Jackson opens is a different bathroom from the one that Lisa locks. You can even see the color scheme is different with the first bathroom a lime color while the one she locks is a light brown color.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lisa and Jackson are talking on the plane she looks out the window and kind of leans her head toward the head rest. The camera switches positions and when it goes back she is now looking straight ahead. A little while later it shows her do the same thing only this time her head doesn't switch between shots.

Correction: I think a bit more information is needed for this mistake. Over half the film takes place with Lisa and Jackson sitting on the plane and in most scenes she is moving her head around. With no timecode or no indication of when the mistake occurs its near impossible to find this mistake.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end where Lisa is going to save her Dad and kills the hitman with the car. When Lisa goes to see if he is dead, there is a very large pool of blood around his head. But about five minutes later when Jack goes to get the knife attached to his belt, there is only a small pool of blood.

Correction: There isn't that much blood when Lisa checks him and when Jackson turns the guy over the blood that was around his head is about the same.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lisa first sits down on the plane while Jackson is putting the other passenger's luggage up in the luggage compartment, Lisa's window is full of water drops because of the weather. However, when Jackson sits back down next to Lisa, the window is completely dry.

Correction: I've looked through the scene and the window stays the same while Jackson is standing up and when he sits down.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene on the plane during the lightning storm, the lightning is flashing brightly directly outside the planes windows. They are at cruising altitude at this point, and although thundercloud tops may be nearly this high, the lightning comes out of the bottom of the clouds, and wouldn't be flashing through the windows into the plane cabin.

Correction: Actually lightning comes from the ground up. So yes the lightning could be seen through the windows.


Corrected entry: When Jackson comes in the bathroom where Lisa is, we get a quick glance of the mirror which says "18-F HAS BOMB" the letters are messy and the soap is dripping down. However, in another shot of the mirror, the letters are much neater and the soap is not dripping down at all.

Correction: Acutally, the shot that shows "18-F Has Bomb" is at least fifteen seconds before the shot that shows "18-F Has Bomb" in a messy fashion, giving wet, drippy soap plenty of time to drip; the messy shot of "18-F Has Bomb" isn't even really that messy, indicating that the soap drops could have easily occurred within that fifteen second time period.

Corrected entry: Lisa refuses an offer from her father to pick her up at the airport because "it is going to be too late." She then explains that she'll be on the Red Eye. Red Eyes are overnight flights that arrive in the morning, and therefore wouldn't be "too late."

Correction: "too early" and "too late" are phrases that you'd use based on your schedule. In any case, it would be a slip of the tongue, a character mistake.


Corrected entry: When Lisa's father's desk is first shown, we see an old picture of Lisa playing field hockey, she's in the picture with another player with a number "2" on her shirt. However, later on when the same picture is shown, Lisa is in it by herself without an opponent.

Correction: There is nothing to indicate this is the same photo. It's in Lisa's room, not her dads, it's shaped landscape, instead of portrait, it's completely different.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jackson head butts Lisa, he says "I didn't want this to get complicated Rachel". He uses the actresses' name, not the character's.

Correction: It isn't mentioned whether this is a theatrical or DVD mistake. On the Region 1 DVD version, Jackson says the name "Lisa" very clearly in this scene.

Corrected entry: The coffee spill on Lisa is different when she goes to clean up in the airport bathroom. It is perfect and round not like the splattered spill seen before.

Correction: She had time to clean the coffee spill up and you can see her rounding out the spill.

Corrected entry: When Lisa sits down next to Jackson on the plane the camera is on top of the phone. Later when Lisa steals his phone the camera is further down the phone.

Correction: The camera is still at the same level. It's just that Jack Ripner's hair is covering the top of the phone. It doesn't move down the phone.

Corrected entry: The interior shots of the plane show 25 rows or so, but in the exterior shot, there are more than 30 windows, meaning a much bigger airplane.

Jason Feng

Correction: Usually there are about 2 windows per seat row, even though one might be right next to the headrest. Fuselages are built with the windows at fixed spacing. Seat spacing is an airline's choice so the windows can end up at different locations relative to the seats and throw off the count.

Corrected entry: When Lisa first enters the toilet, she is violently sick into the toilet bowl. However, the next shot is an overhead shot of her lying on the floor, and we can see that the toilet bowl is empty.

The Doctor

Correction: She never actually threw up in the toilet, she just leaned over and coughed.

Corrected entry: Between the time when Lisa stabbed Jackson with the pen and Lisa running over the hitman, Jackson had a lot of time to call the hitman to kill Lisa's father.

Jason Feng

Correction: Jackson could barely talk and was more focused on hunting her down than in killing her father. Either he didn't get around to it, or he couldn't make himself understood. Finally, didn't Lisa steal his phone?


Corrected entry: The Fresh Air jet shown throughout most of the film has two engines mounted under the wings and a single engine on the tail. But shortly after the confrontation between Lisa and Jack in the plane's lavatory, there is an outside shot of the jet flying through the sky with all three engines on the tail and none under the wings.

Correction: The jet with all the engines on the tail is not the Fresh Air Jet, but Keefe's private jet.

Corrected entry: When Lisa and Cynthia are first on the phone, Cynthia turns away from the customers and we see the computer behind her. In between shots, a small window on the computer appears and disappears. This happens several times before she's actually supposed to open the smaller window to type in Lisa's code.

Correction: Those windows could possibly be notification alerts of say some clients registering with the hotel. This would be similar to receiving a small alert saying you have received an e-mail except in this case much more often.

Corrected entry: When Lisa and Jackson are in the TexMex having a drink, you see that both of them are drinking out of straws. However when Lisa starts chugging down the drink, the straw has disappeared.

Correction: Lisa had time to take the straw out before picking up the drink.

Corrected entry: For all the trouble the assassins went through, with 8 weeks detailed surveillance on Lisa, an expensive and incredibly difficult to obtain Javelin missile and such, they picked a surprisingly poor method of attack. It's pretty clear from the technical data of the Javelin missile and the images in the movie (where the effect is exaggerated) that the attack would have a very low probability of actually killing anyone, let alone the entire family as stated. Moreover, the boat the missile was fired from was too large to hide and too small to escape sufficiently far, and the assassins would most likely be caught. As such, the operation was needlessly complicated on many points, yet it worked almost perfectly. Whomever was planning the operation had to be both a genius and an idiot at the same time, which makes it a plot hole.

Correction: No, it makes it a possibly poor decision. Just because something isn't done the way you feel it should have been done, practically or tactically, does not make it a plot hole. Even your submission allows for probabilities, likelihoods, and possibilities other than what is presented in the movie.


Revealing mistake: When Lisa stabs Jackson in the throat with the pen, if you watch closely, you can see that she is still holding the pen when she pulls her arm back, but in the entire rest of the scene the pen is still stuck in his throat. If you watch it in slow motion, the mistake becomes even more obvious. (00:56:15)

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Lisa Reisert: Is it Jack for short?
Jackson Ripner: No. I haven't gone by Jack since I was ten years old. Last name's Ripner.
Lisa Reisert: Jack Ripner... Jack the... Oh!
Jackson Ripner: There you go.
Lisa Reisert: That wasn't very nice of your parents.
Jackson Ripner: That's what I told them. Before I killed them.

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Trivia: When in the plane's bathroom, in an early take Cillian Murphy threw Rachel McAdams so hard against the bathroom wall that he knocked her unconscious. If you look at the shot used in the movie where he throws her against the wall, you can see his hand in her hair protecting her head so he didn't hurt her again. Not a mistake, as he's not trying to knock her out in the film, just rough her up, but worth looking for.


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Question: This just interests me, but how on earth did Jackson manage to get a ticket right next to Lisa on the plane so quickly, considering that Keefe changed his plans at the last minute, and they didn't know Lisa's grandma was going to die, and she'd be taking the last plane back to Florida?

Answer: These are very tech-savvy terrorists. Not only would they be watching Keefe, but also Lisa, who is integral to their assassination plot. The assassins would have been monitoring their every move, intercepting cell phone calls, hacking into the hotel's and the airline's computers, and so on. It is unknown how Jackson got a seat right next to Lisa, but as it's a late-night flight, there would likely be fewer passengers and he could have managed to be seated next to her or somehow got the airline to switch him with another passenger.

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