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Continuity mistake: The plane they are on changes several times throughout the movie. When it is sitting at the gate in Dallas, and while being pushed back from the gate, it is a Boeing 737. When it is shown taxiing out, it is an Airbus A320. Air to air shots are of a Boeing 767, which is also the same as the interior shots all throughout the movie. The 737 and A320 are narrowbodies, while the 767 is a widebody, commonly configured 2-4-2 like the interior in the movie.

Revealing mistake: When Lisa stabs Jackson in the throat with the pen, if you watch closely, you can see that she is still holding the pen when she pulls her arm back, but in the entire rest of the scene the pen is still stuck in his throat. If you watch it in slow motion, the mistake becomes even more obvious. (00:56:15)

Continuity mistake: When Lisa is on board the plane, she is wearing stiletto heels (best seen when she is collapsing in the bathroom). However, when she is running through the airport, she is wearing flat shoes. This is most easily seen when she comes of the transporter belt, when she trips and one of her feet swings into the air. Later, when she kicks Jack on the stairs of her house, she is wearing stiletto heels again.


Continuity mistake: When Lisa and Jackson are having their first conversation while waiting in line at the airport, a strand of her hair gets caught in her mouth. When the camera changes angles, the hair is no longer in her mouth.

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Continuity mistake: After Lisa pretends to be reading a magazine to avoid the security guards who're looking for her near her gate, she spots Jackson and you can see two men sitting at a table eating lunch in the foreground of the shot. When Jackson sees her and starts running after her, both the table and the men are gone (Jackson runs through the place they used to be). (00:56:45)

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Revealing mistake: When Jack is falling down the stairs, you can see a pad on his back. (01:05:00)

Revealing mistake: After Lisa has escaped from the plane, she is spotted by Jack and is getting chased by him. When she runs through the travelator she trips over at the end and it is obvious that it is a stunt woman, and not Rachel McAdams. She looks nothing like her.

Continuity mistake: The ka-bar knife Jack takes from his dead associate, goes from having a dull, black blade (best seen when he tries to pry the door open with it), to a regular, shiny steel one.


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Continuity mistake: When Lisa is changing her top in the bathroom you see the cut on her chest and it is red almost as if it was only recently done or had been bleeding. Later in the film when Jackson is in the bathroom and he sees the scar it is healed up and there is now a fully healed scar. There are two problems, firstly the cut could not have healed in the few hours between when we see it. The second is that the cut we see at the beginning was said to have been caused two years prior. Therefore how could the cut be that fresh? (00:10:10 - 00:41:55)

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Factual error: The timeline for this film is incorrect. The flight Lisa takes is a red eye from Dallas to Miami. Non-stop flights between those cities takes 2 1/2 hours. Even with the west to east time change, this isn't long enough for a red eye. Shortly after take off, the clock in her father's house reads about 11:15pm. The plane lands after sunrise in Miami.

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Revealing mistake: When Lisa kicks Jack causing her shoe to stick into him and for him to go falling down the stairs, you can see the face of Jack's stunt double. (01:05:00)


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Continuity mistake: After Lisa manages to steal a car away from the couple at the airport, we see her try to make calls from Ripner's cell phone. After the cell phone blinks "Low Battery" for the first time, we can see that she is wearing a seat belt. Lisa then swerves to miss an oncoming car, and we see her hastily fasten her seat belt, as if it was never fastened before. (00:58:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Lisa stabs the pen into Jack's neck, she stabs him in the side of his neck, however, when they show the pen and from then on, it's in the middle of his neck. (00:53:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Cynthia serves the snooty customers, there is a little window on the computer screen which appear/disappears/etc.

Continuity mistake: The number of credit cards the man pulls out of the wallet at the start of the movie changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: After Lisa kills Jackson's hit man, she has a wound on her forehead. During the rest of the scenes in and outside the house, the wound keeps changing shape and position.


Continuity mistake: When Lisa gives the book to the older lady in line, her grip on the book constantly changes between shots.

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Other mistake: After Lisa escapes from the plane, the flight attendant picks up a phone to alert Airport security. Instead of dialling a number for the intercom, the flight attendant just frantically mashes at the phone several times never actually hitting any phone buttons whatsoever. Evidently this actress believed with all of her heart that what she was doing looked like dialling numbers. (00:57:19)

Factual error: The boat "Rapture" lacks any Florida FL registration decals or any decals. If the boat was registered in Florida, the FL decals should be seen above the waterline and at the bow of the boat.

Continuity mistake: When Jackson chases Lisa up the stairs, they pass a coat rack with a coat, some bag with strap and umbrella. The center hanging item bag strap changes colors after he falls down the stairs and when he's locking the door.

Lisa Reisert: Is it Jack for short?
Jackson Ripner: No. I haven't gone by Jack since I was ten years old. Last name's Ripner.
Lisa Reisert: Jack Ripner... Jack the... Oh!
Jackson Ripner: There you go.
Lisa Reisert: That wasn't very nice of your parents.
Jackson Ripner: That's what I told them. Before I killed them.

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Trivia: When in the plane's bathroom, in an early take Cillian Murphy threw Rachel McAdams so hard against the bathroom wall that he knocked her unconscious. If you look at the shot used in the movie where he throws her against the wall, you can see his hand in her hair protecting her head so he didn't hurt her again. Not a mistake, as he's not trying to knock her out in the film, just rough her up, but worth looking for.


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Question: I don't understand parts of the scene where Lisa runs over the hit man. The hit man is just standing outside the door for some reason. After Lisa runs over him she runs inside the house and her father said he called the police already, why did he call them? The hit man was just standing outside waiting for the call, her father didn't know what was going on. Did he call the police because she drove into his house, even though there had only been a few seconds in between scenes?

Answer: Yes he called because she hit the guy and ran into his house. When 911 calls back they say that they had a call about somone being hit in front of the house and asks if they still need the police.

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