The Skeleton Key

Revealing mistake: When Ben falls from the roof and into the leaves during the storm, you can see the mat that he lands on move from under the leaves.


Continuity mistake: When Luke brings Caroline back to the house after knocking her out, Violet demands to know where Ben is. In this shot her tears are black because of the mascara, but in the next shot all her blackened tears have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Caroline first arrives at the house for her interview, she closes her car door and it cuts to her reflection walking away from the left hand wing mirror of the car, as if she is walking to the back of the car. The next shot, however, she is walking away from the car door which is directly behind her (rather than the car boot). There is no way she would have been reflected in the wing mirror if she was walking at this angle.

Continuity mistake: When Caroline is on the bus circling the newspaper ad for hospice caretaker, there is a black man, wearing a blue shirt, behind her in the next seat. In the next shot from the outside of the bus, that man in the blue shirt is gone. (On the DVD, there is a short deleted scene of the bus stopping between these two shots, allowing for the man's "disappearance" but it is still a continuity error within the film.)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Caroline is giving Ben his bath and she shows him her mirror, he thrashes about wildly, as he can see his old self. When Ben thrashes about, you can see the top of the mesh body stocking they use on actors when nudity is not intended.

Factual error: In the scene where Caroline finds the conjure record, it is written in ink on the sleeve that it is from "New Iberia Parish". Such a parish does not exist in Louisiana. There is a town called New Iberia, but the parish for that town is Iberia Parish.

Violet Devereaux: Child, I believe you broke my legs.

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