Sky High

Character mistake: It is incorrect to say someone who controls technology a "technopath." The -pathy suffix denotes the "ability to feel." It would've been more correct to say "technokinesis" as the suffix refers to movement, ie. Telepathy vs Telekinesis.

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Suggested correction: Technology controllers are always commonly called technopaths.

Character mistake: In the scene where Steve and Josie prepare to leave to fight the giant robot at the beginning of the movie, Steve tells Will "Oh, Will, a reminder: a lot of the kids at Sky High will only have one super hero parent, not two." When he says "one super hero parent", he holds up two fingers. When he says "not two", he holds up only one finger.


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Principal Powers: I'm not Wonder Woman, you know.

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Question: How did Lash find the Secret Sanctum?

Answer: Will took Gwen to the Secret Sanctum. Later it's revealed that Gwen is really Royal Pain and since she saw the location of the Secret Sanctum, she would have told Speed, not Lash, as his super speed would be able to get him in and out without setting off the alarm. If Lash had tried to get into the Sanctum, he would have been caught.

He entered while Gwen was still visiting for the first time before she left.

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