The Dukes of Hazzard

Easter egg: In the special features on the DVD, there's a section on how to launch a muscle car 175 feet in four seconds, showing how they did the freeway jump without a driver in the car.

Easter egg: Widescreen DVD Unrated R1: Go To Special Features then move down to where it says Main Menu. Press Up and the "Z" on Bo's shirt will light up. Click that and you will see a short piece with someone who has Duke's tattoos.


Easter egg: Widescreen DVD Unrated R1: In Special Features, go to the second page with Burt Reynolds' picture. Move down to Main Menu and press up. His ring will highlight and you will see a short film featuring dummies as Bo & Luke.


Continuity mistake: One of General Lee's wing-mirrors gets blasted off, but it reappears in a later shot. But once Bo and Luke get General Lee to be fixed, it's missing again.

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Daisy Duke: They planted a still on our farm.
Pauline: They planted a still? Why would they have to plant a still?
Daisy Duke: 'Cause they're too damn dumb to find our real still.

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Trivia: The director makes a cameo as a campus cop and reenacts the hilarious first scene of Super Troopers with the Duke boys in Atlanta.

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Question: Did DaimlerChrysler re-introduce the Dodge Charger in conjunction with the film, or was their timing merely coincidental?

Answer: Given the massive hype surrounding the film, and the untold publicity it garnered the Charger, I think it's highly unlikely that it was a coincidence, more a cynical marketing strategy.


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