The Island

Factual error: When the first train wheel hits the ground in the close up, you can see that it isn't made of steel as it deforms as if it were foam. And there is also no damage to the concrete road whatsoever, since the wheels are made of steel there should have been quite a big hole. (01:17:50)

Ronnie Bischof

Factual error: When Lincoln Six Echo escapes in Tom's car, he starts the engine using his fingerprint, which turns out to be identical to Tom's, since he's Tom's clone. Actually, fingerprints are formed in the womb and take shape mostly due to environmental conditions inside. They are not genetically defined or inherited, so Lincoln's prints should be completely different.

Continuity mistake: When Lincoln and Jordan are running to the Zone 6 door during their escape Lincoln throws a person into Jordan knocking her down. However in the next scene she is miraculously right behind Lincoln again.


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Tom Lincoln: Yes, can you please explain to me why my insurance policy is sitting downstairs on my fucking sofa?!

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Trivia: Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) sees a poster ad and commercial for Calvin Klein featuring her sponsor "Sarah Jordan". They are really things Scarlett did for CK before she made the movie.

Sonja Marie

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Question: At the beginning of the movie, Lincoln 6 Echo is missing his left shoe. Is there any importance in that?

Answer: As far as I could tell, it seems to indicate his growing mental awareness of himself and his environment. He begins noticing more things around him and is questioning when things don't seem right or are out-of-place. The other clones don't exhibit that type of cognitive functioning as much as he does.

raywest Premium member

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