The Island

Corrected entry: McGregor's Scottish character says he paid $5 million for his insurance policy. The doctor tells his investors that he will have to destroy $200 million worth of product to be safe. That converts to a mere 40 clones. Obviously there were far more than that slated to be destroyed.

Correction: It's a certainty that the insurance policies are not being sold "at cost." The customer may have paid the company $5,000,000, but that doesn't mean it costs the company $5,000,000 to produce a clone. The doctor is talking about the cost to replace that inventory, not how much those policies are worth.

Phixius Premium member

Exactly, it's probably closer to 200 clones.


Corrected entry: Dr. Marek's plan for "recalling" the defective agnates (aka killing all of the agnates developing their owner's memories), is to stage mass "Island" lottery winnings so the rest of the population doesn't catch on. However, they plan to regrow all of the destroyed agnates from scratch, which means they would be identical clones of the old agnates. This would not work out. Since the new identical agnates would have no recollection of their past life there, their friends, or winning the lottery, they wouldn't be able to be incorporated back into the agnate population. Everybody there would expect that all of those people already left for the Island. It would be too suspicious if none of them remembered anything, and also it would destroy the control derived from people believing being sent to the Island is a guaranteed trip to paradise.

Correction: Dr Marek's plan called for eventually killing ALL of the clones, not just the one's developing past memories. Besides, the colony was big enough that they would be able to keep new ones isolated from previous ones that might know them, until all of the population was replaced.


Corrected entry: Dr Merrick states that "Everything we expose them (the clones) to, the games they play are designed to manage aggression". However when Lincoln and Jordan are allowed to play a virtual boxing game that the virtual Lincoln's teeth are knocked out. They fight for high scores and spectators (other clones) cheer them on. Hardly seems an effective aggression management plan. (00:53:55)

Correction: It's actually the perfect aggression manager. Whatever aggravations you feel, you can take out on a virtual counterpart or drown them in the excitement of watching a bout.

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Corrected entry: The newest found survivor is a 7 Foxtrot. McCord Identifies Echo generation product as being 3 years old. This means that Foxtrot would be 2 years old, Golf would be 1 year old. According to this, the newly born product should be a 7 Hotel.

Correction: This misconception about the naming conventions has been corrected many many many times. No where in the movie is the naming spelled out. They were free to name any of the products after any of the signs.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When the police are taking Lincoln and Jordan to the police station, they officer driving stops in the middle of the intersection, making a perfect target to be broadsided by the armored car. He did not stop for a pedestrian, as they were crossing on the cross street, and from the way the driver was staring straight ahead, it is not likely he was making a turn.

Correction: He was waiting to make a left turn when the armored car hit them. When I make a left hand turn I look straight ahead at the oncoming traffic and look for an opening, just like the driver was doing.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When Jordan and Lincoln escape and Merrick orders Laurent to search for them, Laurent asks him for how long they have been missing. The answer is 4 hours and 36 minutes. Regarding the fact that they are on the run and that they are highly fit and trained, they would have been around 20 miles away. That is calculated with a jogging speed of 4.2 miles an hour. So Laurent shouldn't set the perimeter to 5 miles but 20 or even more. (00:51:35)

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Laurent says he is basing the speed at 1.2 miles an hour, suggesting he is taking into account any stopping, backtracking, or detours, in addition to the fact that they are probably not going in a straight line. Thus, a five mile perimeter would be more than enough to begin searching, with the probability of expanding the perimeter once they find some clues as to which direction they have gone.

Corrected entry: The phonetic alphabet used in the movie is incorrect. They use some of the correct phonetics, but have wrong letters later. For example it is stated that the products are becoming more self-aware for generations Echo, Foxtrot, Gamma and Hilo. Gamma and Hilo should be Golf and Hotel to be correct.

Correction: Why is this a mistake, they can name their products however they want to. They aren't bound to the phonetic alphabet. Probably they have used Golf and Hotel already for something else and wanted to avoid confusion. It's not like this is a military outfit, it's civilian and so can use whatever terminology they like, however illogical.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Jordan and Lincoln are being chased in the city, you can spot some Nissan Murano SUVs going by in various shots. This would be impossible, considering the film takes places in a future setting and, the Murano is a recent/present model of Nissan.

Correction: Nonsense. The film takes place in 2019, only 13 years from now. Most cars last longer than that, making it entirely plausible that that particular model could be seen on the streets.

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Corrected entry: When Lincoln draws the boat he has been seeing in his dreams, the Renovatio, the sketch he draws has rough lines, and, while appearing complete, it is not finished. Later, the sketch is shown again, but this time it is very detailed, with smooth outlines and shading. Lincoln did not return to finish the drawing at any point. The final sketch looks like it came from an auto-cad program.

Correction: We don't see what Merrick does with the drawing after Lincoln leaves. He could have tried to source where the picture came from, and had it "finished" by a CAD program to determine the origin of it. He had plenty of time, and the motivation to do this.


Corrected entry: As the train axles fall off of the trailer, they move much too rapidly into the vehicles behind the truck. In reality, they would have the same velocity as the truck from which they fell, so, while slowing down from friction, they would continue to roll in the same direction as the traffic.

Correction: Except that the wheels are initially going in the opposite direction than the truck. They are going backwards, not in the direction of traffic, so inertia would have them continue in the same direction, which would be toward the trailing vehicles, not with the direction of traffic. Essentially, the rail wheels are leaving a stationary platform relative to the traffic, since, even though the truck is moving forward, the trailer they are on relatively speaking, has no movement.


Corrected entry: When McCord and Lincoln are talking in the bathroom at the bar, a man walks in on them. McCord calls him "Ed" but the name printed on his shirt is "Lou". (00:57:15)

Correction: There could be several reasons for this, it's not originally his shirt, its intentional, Ed is just a nickname, just to name a few.


Corrected entry: In the end, how did all the 'products' (clones) leave their building? The main section is undamaged, so they still can't leave without a door card - not to mention the company had already culled out all those with 'human curiosity about the outside'. They can't all be the ones from the incinerator rooms, as they said it was $200M worth of defective product at $5M a pop = 40 people; even with some give there's too many.

James King III

Correction: The fifteen or so who escape from the incenerator plus the rest of the fourty waiting to die come out of one door and the others in the facility overpower the gaurds which you see because they're in a mob. The ones without human curiousity wouldn't go out to find the truth but if it's staring them right in the face then they realise that it's all been a lie and feel trapped.

Corrected entry: When Lincoln Six Echo and Tom Lincoln are in Tom's Cadillac, they get chased into a warehouse. In the following shot, after they have entered, the Cadillac's door is suddenly opened. In the next shot, it is closed. There wasn't enough time between the shots for the door to open and close, and it wasn't a different car. It's Tom's Cadillac.

Jane Doe

Correction: No, the passenger door of the Cadillac is opened during the fight inside the car. It stays open every time the car is shown, even speeding into the warehouse. The car with the closed right door IS a pursuing Dodge Magnum, close to the same colour of the Caddy, giving the impression it is the same car. Once stopped in the warehouse, both doors are open as Lincoln has opened the door to get out. I've watched the scene a number of times, and at first thought the pursuing Magnum was the Caddy, too.

Corrected entry: The Police car that gets hit by the armoured car, breaks the car in two cleanly. In reality, the car would crumple and get severely crushed on the side that was hit, but it would never simply 'snap' in half like it did in the movie.

Correction: The movie is set in the future. We don't know what kind of materials are used for manufacturing automobiles, and it's possible that since the rear of the car is closed off from the front, some safety design could be implemented so that people in the rear could be rescued in case of an accident like that.

Corrected entry: If the city scenes were supposed to be shot in Los Angeles, then why can you see Detroit landmarks in the background such as the fisher building or the train depot?

Correction: This takes place in the future, many landmarks may have changed, and buildings that look just like the Fisher building, or the train depot could have been built between now and then in Los Angeles.

Corrected entry: The newest found survivor is a 7 Foxtrot. McCord Identifies Echo generation product as being 3 years old. This means that Foxtrot would be 2 years old, Golf would be 1 year old. According to this, the newly born product should be a 7 Hotel.

Correction: Once again, they can name the clones whatever they want. Nowhere in the movie did they spell out the naming conventions that they used. "Mistakes" of this naming kind have been submitted and corrected many times before.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when all the "products" are coming out of the complex, the shot changes to Mr Laurant, the special forces leader, walking down the embankment. To his right (the shots left) is Gandu Three Echo, who Dr. Marrick killed earlier in the movie with an injection to the neck. (02:08:15)

Correction: The injection was not to kill him, but sedate him so he could later be harvested. The sedation likely wore off.

Corrected entry: When Starkweather Two Delta is enjoying his lottery win, he reveals that he is only 6 months old, yet according to McCord, the Delta generation is 4 years old.

Correction: He may have only been in the facility for 6 months, but that doesn't mean he isn't older. Remember, they have to get the DNA sample, grow the "product", implant memories, and who knows what else. McCord was on the inside of the plan, so he knows what's going on. It's highly likely that he was refering to the fact that Starkweather had been "birthed" 4 years aog, and Starkweather was just refering to the (remembered) time that he'd been in the facility.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Why do the clones have different accents? Most obvious is Lincoln Six Echo's Scottish brogue. Where did he get that? Accents aren't genetic - being the clone of a Scottish man wouldn't give you a Scottish accent. All of the clones should have the same accent, the one they develop as they learn to speak, by listening to and impersonating the voices they hear others around them using.

Correction: Lincoln doesn't have a Scottish brogue, he develops it after imitating the real Tom Lincoln. However, the people around the clones have varying accents, including Merrick's English tones, so varying accents wouldn't be unheard of. It would depend on who they spent the most time around.


Corrected entry: When Scarlett's character gets taken back into the institute, she is apprehended by a government trained team, then put on a table for surgery, yet somehow she has managed to keep a gun concealed in her pants. How could that gun have gone so far unnoticed?

Correction: She was brought in by the bounty hunter, and the security at the compound likely just assumed he had searched her. Since the bounty hunter had already seen the mark on her wrist before turning her over, he was probably in on the overthrow plan. She's not on a table for surgery, just put there until they can prep her, which is obvious by the fact that she's still fully clothed.


Deliberate mistake: Gandu Three Echo, the clone who hits the screen showing the first lottery winner in the movie, complains that he has been around for 7 years and never won the lottery. However, McCord explains later in the movie that the last name tells how old the clones are. Lincoln Six Echo is 3 years old because he is in the Echo generation, and the Delta generation (Jordan Two Delta) is 4 years old. Going backwards, this would make Charlies 5 years old, Bravos 6 years old, and Alphas 7 years old. Gandu Three Echo should have really been Gandu Three Alpha. (00:05:55)

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Question: At the beginning of the movie, Lincoln 6 Echo is missing his left shoe. Is there any importance in that?

Answer: As far as I could tell, it seems to indicate his growing mental awareness of himself and his environment. He begins noticing more things around him and is questioning when things don't seem right or are out-of-place. The other clones don't exhibit that type of cognitive functioning as much as he does.

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