Happy Endings
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Narrator: When you're a gay man, you have to feel good about yourself when a urologist says, 'Yeah. I pick you.'.

Mamie: Nothing says "I love you" like blackmail.

Jude: What's the matter? Boy trouble?
Otis: Fuck you, Jude.

Jude: Nothing comes off the money you're gonna get 30 years from now when your dad dies from too much sex. You don't have to call me mom - all the time.

Other mistake: Otis picks up a DVD case and asks if he can take it home to look at. While waiting for an answer he opens the jewel case and even moves the inside flap (as would be in a case with more than one DVD). There is no DVD in the case, it is completely empty (all black inside). He later views the non-existent DVD at home. (00:16:55)

Wayne C.

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