Rebound (2005)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene when the coach's friend (priest) also played by Martin Lawrence is praying with the team. Every time it shows the back of the coach's head in line with the front of the priest's head it has noticeably less hair than Martin Lawrence and you can tell it is a stand in.


Other mistake: Near the beginning, a player takes a shot that misses the basket. Immediately thereafter there is an off-camera sound of a window breaking. The windows in the gym are near the ceiling and the ball could not have hit any of them. In addition, later shots of the windows do not show any that are broken.

Wayne C.

Other mistake: After Coach Roy is knocked down by a ball, someone said that he had been "barfed on" by the kids. There was no evidence of this on either his clothing or his face during subsequent shots in the same scene.

Wayne C.

Factual error: When Ralph is shooting the final two free throws of the championship game, his feet cross the free throw line before the ball hits the rim. This is a lane violation in the National Federation of High Schools which governs middle and high school sports. The correct call would have nullified both shots and the points they scored.

Continuity mistake: After the entire team has muddy water splashed all over them by a car on the way to a game, Coach Roy's clothing is miraculously mud-free once he arrives at the school. Several other subsequent scenes in the same period of time had discrepancies in having mud or no mud on the team members' clothing, going back and forth.

Wayne C.

Other mistake: In the school newspaper, while the headline speaks of the Smelters winning, the article talks about their losing.

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Other mistake: When the Smelters start winning games, three different newspapers have identical articles. (00:57:30)

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