Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet (1985)

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Uncle Red(Gary Busey), Marty Coslaw(Corey Haim), and Jane Coslaw(Megan Follows) hole up in the house with a gun that is loaded with only one silver bullet. Megan sees the werewolf looking in through a window. A few moments later the power is cut. Suddenly the werewolf explodes through a wall and attacks them. Uncle Red wrestles with it but it easily overpowers him and knocks him out. It then tries to kill Marty, but he shoots it in the head with the gun and it falls to the floor, dead. It's carcass transforms back into.... Reverend Lowe(Everett McGill).

Poison Gom Jabbar

Other mistake: It is stated at the beginning of the film that the events that take place start in the spring of 1976, and span over the summer. The Climax, and final scene of the movie, take place on Halloween night. In the scene directly after Milt Sturmfuller was killed, the gas station attendant is seen reading about the slaying in the local newspaper. The date on the paper is Friday September 8, 1980.

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Milt Sturmfuller: Ow! That's it. Oh, that hurts my parts.

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Trivia: Gary Busey ad-libbed a majority of his lines. When director Daniel Attias told Stephen King about this, Stephen said he was OK with it.

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Question: In the funeral scene from the guys killed in the woods, you see 3 clear caskets and a 4th in the corner, but I only remember 3 getting killed. Who's the 4th victim?

Answer: Well it is a dream, so it could be anyone's. Maybe the priest's own, or the kid that was killed earlier.


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