Happy Birthday to Me

Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) is not the killer, even though she finally remembers that her murdered friends abandoned her birthday party several years prior. That indirectly caused her mother to drown in a car wreck and Virginia to be subjected to experiments by a mad brain doctor. Ann (Tracey Bergman)is behind the deaths, who put on a mask designed by Alfred (one of her victims)to double as Virginia. Virginna's birth caused the demise of Ann's family, she retalliated by using Virginia's weakened mental state, carefully place all the blame on her. She almost kills Virginia, but Virginia turns the knife against her and stabs her. Just then, the police captain comes and catches Virginia with the bloody knife and many bodies.

Visible crew/equipment: When the investigator pulls up to the house to inform the Doc and Ginny about the discovery of Ann's empty car, as he gets out the car and the camera shot is from the back of the car, you can see a crew-members face reflected in the small rear-view mirror.

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Virginia Wainwright: God, you've got a lot of nerve.
Etienne Vercures: That's not all I've got. Want to see?

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Question: Why does Ann blame Ginny for her mother leaving? She should be angry with her father and Ginny's mother.


Answer: Like all spoiled and mean girls, she blames everyone around her for her problems, when in fact it has nothing to do with her. She wants what she wants, her perfect family with her as the center of attention. The only daughter.

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