The Perfect Man

Continuity mistake: When Holly is bathing Zoe, the bubbles keep disappearing and reappearing during different consecutive shots.

Continuity mistake: When Jean and Lenny return from the "Styx" concert,she gets out of the car holding her shoes. Lenny says, "I'll take those", and Jean hands him the shoes. Next shot shows them walking toward house and she is carrying the shoes. They stop and he kisses her and then starts to leave, she stops him by saying I need my shoes. She should already have them since we just saw her walking up the walkway with them in her hand.

Randy DeShong

Continuity mistake: When "Ben" (actually Holly) is instant messaging Jean, you can see her type the letter J; however, in her sentence there is no letter J.

Continuity mistake: When Jean is suppose to meet "Ben" under the Brooklyn Bridge she has a shawl on. Holly meets her to tell her he's not coming. Jean's shawl, in a number of different shots goes from on to off her shoulders several times.

Randy DeShong

Continuity mistake: When Holly meets Ben for the first time, she and Ben's niece have a bowl of ice cream. But when Ben scooped it out there was some running down the side of the bowl. Then Holly's friend put her hand on the bowl and the ice cream that was on the table and the bowl has mysteriously disappeared in the next shot.

The Perfect Man mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Holly is meeting Ben for the first time and Holly's friend says, "Sounds like she's not into romance," Holly is eating a spoon of ice cream in the shot from the front. However, in the shot from the back, Holly's hands are on the table.

Factual error: Holly put a flame up next to a fire sprinkler in an out-of-the-way location, causing the sprinkler to activate. Every fire sprinkler in the building then went off too. This is not possible. Each sprinkler is self-contained and is individually activated by heat. Only sprinklers directly affected by heat will activate.

Wayne C.

Visible crew/equipment: Holly leaves her mum the orchid, and when she runs down the fire stairwell (to catch the man who stole it) you can see the reflection on the camera man in the window.

Character mistake: When Holly and Amber go to see Amber's uncle at the Bistro, they say the 'report' is due tomorrow. However that day will be Sunday (no school!), as previously it was mentioned that the day was Saturday.


Adam Forrest: I heard once that love is friendship on fire. That's how I feel about you.

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