Herbie: Fully Loaded

Corrected entry: Right before the big race is about to start, the man with the parachute lands 2 times.

Correction: Actually it was two different people. The first person had a green shute and a streamer behind him. The next person shute was a different color and it had an American flag behind him.

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Corrected entry: In the Destruction Derby, Herbie gets smashed for the second time. One of his front wheels is bent almost completely sideways, making it impossible for Maggie to drive him around and win, let alone drive him home.


Correction: Herbie can wink a headlight. That's contorting metal and glass at will and without damage. I think a bent wheel could be overcome.

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Corrected entry: At the very end of the NASCAR race, Tripp is trying to ram Herbie into the wall enough to where it will immobilize him. In NASCAR, this is an illegal move. You can not intentionally ram another trying to make them crash or spin out.

Correction: It is an illegal move, but bad racers try to get away with it all the time, the same as a basketball player will try to get away with fouling a player on the other team.

Corrected entry: When Herbie was in the junkyard, he got a flat tire and somebody took the tire off. When Lindsay Lohan was inside Herbie, while he was driving himself to the repair shop, his tire is back on again.

Correction: Before they leave for the repair shop her dad is telling her the things that he checked/fixed. It didn't show him doing these things so it is assumed he would put a tire on Herbie so that she could drive him to be fully repaired.

Continuity mistake: Look at the dirt when Herbie backs away from the nose of the newer Beetle, between the races out in the desert. Although Herbie drove straight up to the newer Beetle, tire marks can be seen where the crew moved the car back and forth to get him lined up.

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Jeff Gordon: This car just winked at me.
Jimmie Johnson: A racecar just winked at you?
Jeff Gordon: I swear. The car just winked at me.
Jimmie Johnson: Are you feeling OK? Is it the pressure?

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Trivia: In the first test screenings of this movie, parents believed the Lindsay Lohan was too 'busty' for a Disney movie. Disney then went back and digitally raised her neckline, and decreased the size of her breasts by two cups.

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Question: How is Herbie able to come to life on his own? I haven't seen the other movies.

Answer: It is explained in the 1997 version of "the love bug". When a scientist was building Herbie, a picture of the scientist's deceased wife who he loved very much fell into the container of molten metal. This accidental action caused Herbie to have love for any owner he has.

Answer: In the original "Love Bug" movie, made in the 1960's, the Hippie Era, Tennessee explained all things have a soul. Whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral and someday all these things will achieve self awareness.

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