Puppet Master 4

Continuity mistake: When Rick's introducing some of the puppets as they are laid out on the table, Pinhead's in Cameron's arms while the headless Decapitron is laying next to Tunneler. The moment Rick says "that's Tunneler", there's a close-up shot of Tunneler with Pinhead laying next to him, a few shots later, headless Decapitron is laying next to Tunneler again, and Pinhead's back in Cameron's arms.


Continuity mistake: When Dr. Piper gets attacked by the Totem, and she tries opening the door to escape, there's some blood on the door when she turns the handle, but every other shot of the door after that, there's no blood on it at all.


Continuity mistake: when Rick injects the formula into Jester, in the shot before, he's taking a laser-gun off of one of his robots, then to the shot of Jester, he's suddenly holding the syringe of the formula. (00:38:00)


Revealing mistake: Dr. Piper gets her left ring finger cut off by a Totem, yet while she is running, the finger has reappeared. (00:09:00)

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Andre Toulon: The magic that gives my puppets life was stolen from a tribe of ancient, Egyptian sorcerers, who pledged their legiance to the demon lord, Zutek.

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Trivia: The puppet "Decapitron" was actually based on an unmade script of the same name that Empire Pictures was originally going to make in the 1980's.


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