Puppet Master II

Trivia: The reason Leach Woman was "killed off" in this movie was reportedly because executives at Paramount hated the puppet and demanded she be written out of the movie. However, the puppet was actually pretty popular with audiences, so she was eventually written back into the series.


Trivia: The puppet Torch could actually shoot fire up to about 10 feet behind-the-scenes.


Other mistake: In the scene with Torch and the lady with the shotgun, after she says, "You may think you got the powers of hell on your side, but you don't know who you're dealing with", Torch raises his flamethrower and Blade watches behind the wall. When Torch shoots with his flamethrower, the lady screams about 2 seconds later. When you see her again in the next shot she is totally on fire. If you think about it, you can tell the timing for the flame is not right and she wouldn't be on fire that fast. (00:36:05)

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