Cadence (1990)

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Continuity mistake: When Bean first approaches Garcia after the trial, he doesn't have his hat in his hands, in his pocket, etc. Next cut, he has it in his hands and puts it on his head before he salutes and walks away.

Continuity mistake: When MSgt McKinny is patting down the prisoners for contraband, his cap changes position on his head between shots. (00:34:55)

Mister Ed

Factual error: The film takes place in 1965. In Lawrence's description of his "I was white" dream, he refers to music by 3 Dog Night (which he calls "3 Dogs in the Night"), a group that was formed in 1967. He also references Creedence ("Clarence") Clearwater Revival, which was first called by that name in 1967.

MSgt. Otis V. McKinney: We'll talk again. I believe tomorrow morning you'll find you've got a team, want one or not.
Pfc. Franklin Fairchild Bean: I will not.
MSgt. Otis V. McKinney: I will not, sergeant! That's a gig, Lamar.
Cpl. Harold Lamar: Gig for Bean.
MSgt. Otis V. McKinney: And gigs mean trouble.

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