Trivia: There is a scene when the lemurs are showing a book called "To Serve Lemur". This is similar to one of the classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man" when the "aliens" allegedly come in peace but actually want to eat the people of earth.

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Trivia: In the scene where Marty the Zebra is building his shelter, Alex gets jealous and looks to a basketball with a handprint face with grass for hair and says, "Shut up, Spalding". This is a reference to the film Cast Away, in which Tom Hanks' character, Chuck Noland, starts talking to a Wilson volleyball and gives it the name "Wilson."

Trivia: When Alex (voiced by Ben Stiller) is taking pictures for the crowd in the beginning he strikes the famous "blue steel" pose from another one of Ben Stiller's movies, "Zoolander".

Trivia: The movie references the novel "The Lord of the Flies" several times: They land on an island and quickly split into two groups. One wants to signal for help, and the other wants to stay on the island. A line is drawn between the two sides. The dead parachuter in the trees is the directly-channeled "beastie" in the book. Maurice assumes the floor in the meeting by blowing the conch shell.


Trivia: In the German and Dutch translation, the chimps go to hear (and throw poo at) Hillary Clinton.

Trivia: Since the names of American football teams were not as widely know in Hungary, the Hungarian version of the DVD refers to Alex and company as the "Gangs Of New York" as opposed to the NY Giants.


Trivia: When Phil the monkey signs the words "ship to wildlife preserve Kenya," he starts with "tell the stupid bird it says".

Trivia: When the crowd are charging up the stairs at Grand Central Station, thinking that Alex is chasing them, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: Julien was only supposed to have two lines. But after Sacha Baron Cohen was cast in the role, he ad-libbed so much of his dialogue that he became a fundamental part of the entire series.

Continuity mistake: When Alex's crate gets knocked off the ship, there is water dripping into the crate, yet in the following shots the crate is completely dry.

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Suggested correction: Just because it appears dry on the surface doesn't mean there isn't water between the slats of wood making it drip.

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Marty: The penguins are going, so why can't I?
Alex: The penguins are psychotic.

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Question: This applies to both Madagascar movies. Does anybody know why Sasha Baron Cohen (Julian the lemur) never shows his face and is barely mentioned in the DVDs for these movies?

Answer: Sacha Baron Cohen is a very private man; he is rarely seen in public, and when he is in public, he is usually dressed as some of his other movie roles (Borat, Bruno, etc.) He has even mentioned once that he wants his characters to be famous, but he wants to live a normal life, so he is rarely interviewed by press.

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