Trivia: The book lying on the pool table that LL Cool J taps has as two of its' authors John Douglas and Robert Ressler, two world renowned serial killer profilers.

Factual error: When J.D. gets killed, Vince's leg shakes. Vince is suppose to be paralyzed. Even if he was extremely scared, his leg shouldn't have been able to move no matter how much he tried. It happens again later in the movie. (00:30:55)

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Suggested correction: During the film, its never discussed whether or not Vince is paralyzed. He may just have a damaged spine. The scene where his foot is shaking, the entire camera frame is pointing directly at his feet. Seems unlikely that would have been included, if he was playing a paraplegic.

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Lucas: Your other weakness is ME.

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Question: Harris flies away from the island with the two FBI agents/pilots. 1. How could he return? 2. How did the killer know that and find him? 3. How could he and the agents/pilots be killed, as the group of profilers was always together?

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