Alfie (1966)


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Alfie: I don't want no bird's respect - I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Alfie: I've told you before to be careful where you put your legs.

Alfie: If you lose a bird you can always replace her. But with a child it's different.

Alfie: You're not entitled to secret thoughts.
Annie: Everyone's entitled to secret thoughts.

Alfie: What I loved once and what I love now are two different things.

Alfie: I've never told her that I love her - except at those times when you've got to say something for appearance's sake.

Alfie: My understanding of women only goes as far as the pleasure. When it comes to the pain I'm like any other bloke - I don't want to know.

Visible crew/equipment: During the bar fight scene, when the big man picks up Frank a wire is visible on his jacket when the big man throws him.

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