Family Plot

Family Plot (1976)


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Arthur Adamson: Isn't it touching how a perfect murder has kept our friendship alive all these years.

Blanche: You're a fink.
George: If I'm a fink then you're an ungrateful bitch.

George: Smells fishy to me.
Blanche: Well even fish smells good when you're starving to death.

Fran: I don't know what's come over me tonight. I'm tingling all over.
Arthur Adamson: I told you about danger, didn't I? First it makes you sick, then when you get through it, it makes you very, very loving.

Constantine: When a guy like me gets kidnapped by a woman, he wants her to be twenty-five.

Continuity mistake: Harris' white Mustang is parked so as to block the exit from the bad guys' garage, but in a later scene it is moved so that it is only partly blocking the garage.

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Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette can be seen in the window of the registry of births and deaths office. He is the figure on the right pointing at the figure on the left.


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