House of Wax

Factual error: According to the average monthly high in the state of Louisiana is 93.3 degrees F (34.05 degrees C) with summer months often exceeding 100 degrees F (37.77 degrees C), making it impossible for a functional multi-story wax structure to remain functional for any extended period of time, regardless of wax content.


Factual error: Wax doesn't burn, even when exposed to flame. Wax also will not conduct heat. The ending shows the House of Wax melting and burning to the ground, as if the heat is spread throughout the house. In actuality, only the small hole near the fire will melt; the rest of the house would be unharmed.


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Answer: I don't think so. Wade and Dalton aren't exactly uncommon names and references to other movies are usually more obvious than two characters sharing names.


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