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Corrected entry: I'm assuming the present was in 2005, the Sugar Mill was off the map for 15 years (since 1990), but in front of Bo's auto shop, there's an updated Pepsi Machine (1998 design). I don't see why two insane brothers that kill outsiders would bother updating things like that. (00:30:50)


Correction: Who says the brothers updated it? The vending machine route manager would be the one to update the vending machines. If Pepsi was still being sold (either by the brothers buying it, or tourists that have been passing near or through the town) the manager would have no reason to pull the machine or stop stocking it.


Corrected entry: When Carly and Nick are investigating Ambrose, Carly says: "There was someone here, they pulled the curtain back". When they get to the house where someone pulled the curtain back, the wax lady pulls it back twice. You will notice that on the second time the curtain is pulled back it is open for longer than the first time. Considering that the wax lady is rigged, the two times she opens the curtain, they should be the same length of time.

Correction: Not necessarily. We don't know what kind of timer is used, whether there is a delay built in, or anything else. Maybe it is set to open and close randomly, thereby having different periods of time for open and closing.

Corrected entry: What is the point in cutting the fan belt of the car when the group are sleeping at the beginning just to lure them into the town? Surely it would make more sense to just murder them while they slept in stead of going through the hassle of lying to them and trying to encourage them into the town. Vincent and Bo are obviously psychotic so are obviously capable of it.

Correction: The kids are lured into town to become part of the wax town, which is obviously the killer's obsession.

Corrected entry: Before Blake is tortured in the wax-machine, Vincent cuts his clothes in order to undress him. After a while, we can see Blake in front of the piano, still alive under the wax mask, and his clothes are magically unharmed.

Correction: You actually don't know if he has his clothes on because he puts the wax all over him and then puts the piano clothes on. So how would you know what he's wearing under that? You don't.

Corrected entry: I can't remember his name, but the first boy to be killed and added to the wax museum (as a piano player) is first seen in the waxing machine getting covered in wax-including his eyes. Yet later we see him sitting at the piano and his eyes move back and forth to warn his friend about the killer behind him. How can that be if his eyes were covered in wax earlier?

Correction: His eyes aren't covered in wax. Vincent puts that thing on his head, so that wax doesn't get in his mouth, eyes, or ears, then he takes it off.

Corrected entry: The entire premise of film involves the fact that the 'town of wax' is unknown to all authorities and the public as a whole. However the town uses substantial electric power, when everything is turned on. This implies that the town is connected to a national grid and therefore the electric company/organisation would most certainly be aware of such a draw of power and would charge.

Correction: The two brothers could have hooked up a generator to the houses in the town to avoid being discovered.

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Corrected entry: When Paige walks out of the diner to see Blake, he is sitting in his Blue SUV, then when the dude in the red cap with the video camera walks up and starts taping them kissing they are in a completely different car, yet seconds later they're driving down the road in the blue SUV again. (00:04:25 - 00:06:05)

Correction: This is incorrect- the light exposure is different- Paige and her boyfriend are in the SUV, except the light outside and exposure from the camera is just darker.

Corrected entry: When the "killer" is videotaping the people while they're sleeping, the campfire is out, but when Carly is walking around outside to find out what it was she heard, it's lit again.

Correction: The campfire is actually going the whole time, both when the killer is taping and after Carly goes to investigate.

Corrected entry: When Carly and Nick find Dalton's body in the wax machine, at first you cannot see his eyes buried under all the wax, but when Nick accidentally snaps his neck, Dalton's eyes are suddenly wide open.

Correction: You can see his eyes the whole time, and they are open.

Corrected entry: After Wade has been turned into a wax figure, he should have suffocated immediately from the wax, and would not be alive when Dalton finds him.


Correction: If you look carefully, he does something to protect his nose, making it possible for him to breathe.

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Nick Jones: You're saying that that's a real person... underneath?

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Answer: I don't think so. Wade and Dalton aren't exactly uncommon names and references to other movies are usually more obvious than two characters sharing names.


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