The Night of the Hunter

Rachel Cooper (Gish) finds the kids and takes them into her home. When Harry Powell (Mitchum) finds them, Cooper gets her shotgun and scares Powell away. But he comes back later, Cooper is there waiting for him with her shotgun and when she sees him inside the house, she fires at him and hits him in the shoulder or arm, which makes him run out of the house and into her barn. In the morning, the police come for Powell and arrest him for the murder of Willa Harper, for which he will be hanged for. As the cops are arresting Powell, John thinking in his mind that he is watching his father being arrested again, grabs Pearl's doll and tries to give it to Powell, which accidentally opens the doll up, showing the stolen money. The kids stay with Cooper.

Big Evil

Continuity mistake: On the honeymoon night, when Willa approaches to the bed, Harry stands up and lights the lamp above in front of him. Between shots the lamp changes position.

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Rev. Harry Powell: There are things you do hate, Lord. Perfume-smellin' things, lacy things, things with curly hair.

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