Tick Tock

Tick Tock (2000)

Plot summary

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Wealthy Holden Avery is secretly terminally ill with not even a year left. Convinced (rightly so) that his wife, Rachel is being unfaithful behind his back. Holden is set to cut Rachel out of his will completely...by divorce...thereby allowing his entire estate to go to his only offspring Annie. Once his ex-cop turned PI Clay Fairfield has the proof Rachel can't be able to take him too court.
Of course suspecting her husband's plans an understandably pissed off Rachel sets in motion her own plot aided by girl pal Carla to pull off a believable simple murder involving a blackmail gone bad. All they need is a fall guy and one night they find him in Travis Brewer. Who Carla soon convinces can set up Rachel in a compromising one night stand. But before long other events are set in motion and things and best laid plans are soon set to collide thanks to unforseen circumstances and chain of sequences occurs with fittingly if tragic consequences.


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