Factual error: The registration plate of the white Jaguar refers to a year 2003 registration. This is impossible as this particular model Jaguar ceased production a long time ago, and could never have that plate.

Factual error: In the scene where the SUV flips over it is written off. However later on in the film towards the end when the gangs go to jet li's place the SUV is parked outside in new condition parked behind a white mercedes.


Continuity mistake: When Danny meets Sam the second time he is bleeding on the floor. When he falls to the floor the amount of blood on it differs between the shots. (00:26:55)


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Infirmier: You basically turned a man into a dog.

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Question: When the ending credits are rolling, Bart's girls are listed in the credits. Where exactly are they? The only girls I'm familiar with are the ones Bart tries to have sex with.

Answer: That's them.

The ending credits list about six or eight women, but they make no appearance.

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