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Corrected entry: When Bart sends his thugs and his robed henchman after Danny in the film's climax, he insists that he doesn't want Danny killed as he would be useless. So why then is every single thug trying to land a death blow? The robed henchman tries to cut his head off with a machete and the thugs fire wildly at Danny.

Correction: Bart told ONE of his henchmen that he wanted Danny alive. We never see that henchman tell any of the other goons chasing after Danny. That henchman guy is also established to be somewhat of a loose cannon, it's not out of character for him to shoot at Danny.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: During the movie's climax, Bart discovers which flat Danny has been living in because he finds the collar there. The movie ended with the events that resulted from this discovery. Just one problem: how did the collar get there? In an earlier scene, when Danny crashes the SUV to escape, he drops the collar on the road, leaving it behind.

Correction: That was the original collar that the girl took off Danny.

Corrected entry: When the thugs go into the building after Danny near the end of the film, it is a 'skinhead' gang, the typical Aryan brotherhood group; yet one of the group members is black. Skinheads would not fight alongside a black man.

Correction: Just because the white guys have shaved heads doesn't automatically make them members of the Aryan brotherhood. I've had my head shaved twice and I'm no neo-nazi.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Danny doesn't help his boss in the jewelers, they get in the car. Danny gets in the back, his boss in the front. When the cars stops, the boss gets out of the back.

Correction: Just before they left, the boss said he want a pint at the pub first, before they head to the next place. The boss could move to the back after the drink at the pub.

Continuity mistake: When Danny meets Sam the second time he is bleeding on the floor. When he falls to the floor the amount of blood on it differs between the shots. (00:26:55)


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Wyeth: That thing with the collar... how did you do that?
Bart: Like my sainted mum used to say, "Get 'em young, and the possibilities are endless."
Wyeth: I thought it was the Jesuits who said that.
Bart: Probably got it from my mum.

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Question: This is a very strange question but I cannot think of anywhere else to put it. In the UK, a poster-advert for this film that is stuck on phone boxes has me confused. The bottom half of the window has Danny (Jet Li) lying down with his face to the camera, looking up slightly (as he is seen during the film sometimes), but the top half has an arm/fist with what looks like a Christmas pudding (on fire and all) on top of it. What is the thing on his fist, and what's its relevance to the film? I've seen the film but I can't remember anything like it.

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: If I am thinking of the same poster, it is someone's foot standing on his wrist. The shoe is really shiny.

James Storck

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