Three O'Clock High

Three O'Clock High (1987)


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Mr. O'Rourke: Don't fuck this up, Mitchell.

Duke Herman: Nobody escapes from the Duker.

Craig Mattey: I heard you're giving Jerry Mitchell a hard time, man.
Buddy Revell: Yeah. And it's gonna get even harder.

Jerry Mitchell: Come on, you asshole! Come on, you peckerhead... let's see what you got.

Buddy Revell: You know what Mitchell? You're the biggest pussy I've ever seen in my life. Didn't even try. How does that feel?

Bruce Chalmer: Pain is temporary, film is forever.

Buddy Revell: You and me, we're gonna have a fight. Today. After school. Three o'clock. In the parking lot. You try and run, I'm gonna track you down. You go to a teacher, it's only gonna get worse. You sneak home, I'm gonna be under your bed.

Plot hole: The fact that Buddy placed the knife and note in the steering wheel of Jerry's car is unrealistic. Buddy first met Jerry in the bathroom after school started and Jerry hasn't gone outside of the school building to his car until this point later in the morning... so there's no way that Buddy could have known which car was Jerry's to pull this stunt.

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Question: One thing I never understood in the movie. At the end right before the final punch, the principal sits up and says "don't fuck this up Mitchell." Was he referring to not losing the fight? Was he referring to his school career? It is hard to tell especially since he saved Mitchell from the police, then smiled and nodded at him before walking away.


Answer: He's telling him to win the fight. The principal knows if the bully isn't defeated, he'll continue to harass him and the students. He believes if the bully loses the fight, he'll no longer be a problem at the school.

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