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Corrected entry: When Forrest and Bubba meet Lieutenant Dan for the first time, he has a roll of toilet paper in his hand. During the scene, he walks them toward a soldier whom he begins to yell at. As he is yelling at the soldier, his hands appear with no toilet paper, then a roll in the right hand, then no roll again. As he approaches the "bathroom", Lieutenant Dan picks up a roll from the side of the door.

Correction: Lt. Dan is holding the roll with his fingertips all the time. Sometimes you can't see it because it's below the frame while a part of the hand is still visible. And he certainly doesn't pick up any roll in the booth.


Corrected entry: There is a scene where Forrest is in his dress uniform. The Medal of Honor ribbon (light blue with a field of white stars) is missing from the top row of ribbons.

Correction: He just received the Medal of Honor that day. You would have to buy another ribbon rack and the ribbon to change it and I don't know anyone that would do that on the same day.

Correction: Untrue he would have added it to the inside of his top row nearest his heart as it is higher than his purple heart. He would have received it the day he received his Presidential ceremony award.

Factual error: When Forrest and Lt. Dan first try catching shrimp on the new boat in the mid 70s, they catch a bunch of junk, including a Mello Yello can, which wasn't launched until 1979. (01:30:05)

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Drill Sergeant: Why did you put that gun together so fast, Private?
Forrest Gump: Because you told me to, Drill Sergeant!

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Trivia: Dave Chappelle was originally offered the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump in a pre-production stage. He was concerned that the character was racially demeaning, so he turned down the part. He has since admitted to regretting the decision.

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Question: Why does Forrest's mother say "This is not for children's eyes" when they were watching Elvis perform 'Hound Dog'?


Answer: Many adults in the 50's, like Forrest's mom, found Elvis' gyrations and hip movements to be too sexual and inappropriate for children (especially teens) to watch. In fact, when Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the third time, they only filmed him from the waist up to prevent an outcry from these types of parents. Many also found Rock 'N' Roll music in general to be inappropriate for children to listen to.


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