My Little Pony: The Movie

Continuity mistake: The group who set out for Flutter Valley are chased by Ahhg the giant spider after tickling him and slipping away unnoticed. As they make a dash towards a nearby cliff, Gingerbread (white Pony with purple, pink and blue hair) and Baby Lickety Split (light purple with pink hair) have somehow joined the group, but Baby Lickety Split should be with the Grundles and Spike and Gingerbread should be back at Paradise Estate.

Blue Phoenix

Continuity mistake: When the Smooze is attacking Dream Castle there is a shot from the inside of the castle of the Smooze coming over the wall. Shady is seen taking fright and running away. But at that moment in time she should be out in Dream Valley with the purple Bushwoolie looking for Spike and Baby Lickety Split.

Continuity mistake: After the group seeking Flutter Valley manage to finally evade Ahhg the giant spider, they stand on a cliff and look out over Flutter Valley. Fizzy's (green unicorn with pink, green, white and purple hair) tail has disappeared and the lock of hair that falls behind her ear has not been drawn in, leaving her with a deformed head.

Blue Phoenix

Continuity mistake: When the group searching for Flutter Valley are trapped by Ahhg the spider and have to climb up the cliff to get away, it cuts to a shot of the group beginning to climb up the cliff. You see the group of Ponies and humans, plus Sweet Stuff and Gingerbread, with them. Then it cuts to a shot looking down on them climbing, and Gingerbread and Sweet Stuff have gone.

Continuity mistake: After the Smooze has buried Dream Castle and the Ponies are on a hill overlooking the devastation, Wind Whistler and North Star fly in with Megan. As they fly towards the group North Star is incorrectly given Magic Star's (yellow pony with green hair) colouring. Just before Wind Whistler and North Star land, Paradise (white Pegasus with red hair) is drawn without her wings and the Bushwoolie near her hoof is far too small.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Spring Festival begins with the dance performance, there is a shot of the baby pony dancers making their way in unison out onto the stage. Both Baby Gusty (white unicorn with green and red hair) and Baby Ribbon (blue unicorn with yellow and red hair) have their horns. The camera then pans to the left where Baby Lickety-Split, in her rainbow outfit and headband, prances out onto the stage. In the next shot that shows her dancing in front of the other baby ponies, Baby Gusty and Baby Ribbon are missing their horns. When Baby Lickety-Split inevitably messes up her dance move and crashes into the others, Baby Gusty and Baby Ribbon's horns are back.

Molly: It's the ugliest thing I've seen.
Danny: Reminds me of your friend Laurie.
Molly: Does not.

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