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Corrected entry: Daniel refers to the landing speed of the B25 bomber as 135 miles per hour. First, no pilot, especially one of WW2 vintage, ever referred to an aircraft speed in miles per hour. He would refer to the speed in knots. (In this case, about 115 knots) Second, the B25 had a landing speed of 90 knots - a little over 100 miles per hour.

Correction: You forget that hes also explaining the landing process to a 10 year old. Nat may or may not know what a knot is. Hes simply passing along the the information in terms that Nat would understand. And Daniel wouldnt know what the final correct landing speeds are for a B-25. He was testing the aircraft when he went into the deep freeze. He wouldnt have the final operational data on the aircraft.


Corrected entry: The freezer with Daniel in it was misplaced in a warehouse for 50 years and disconnected from whatever utilities. Therefore, there was no chance that it would still be cold after such a long time. (00:27:00)


Correction: Since it was never explained what chemicals, processes, etc... are needed to freeze him, it is likely the container remaining closed is enough to keep his body frozen. The "utilities" attached to it in the beginning could have been nothing more than devices for collecting data or getting the freezing process started.


Corrected entry: It is established that Nat is 10 years old. In the scene where Claire is patching up Daniel, Nat carries in a Boy Scout book. Boy Scouts are all 12 and older. Nat should be a Cub Scout. (00:46:30)

Correction: You can check these books out at the library. There is no reason why he cannot have this book, especially since we see him at the library anyways.


Corrected entry: When the freezer with Daniel in it opens you hear the sound of a breathing machine, which would be totally useless under the circumstances. (00:27:00)


Correction: Actually, all you hear is differences in the sound that the air is making as it hisses. It does resemble a breathing machine, but since one is never shown on film, no mistake is made here.


Continuity mistake: In the first scene at Jake's diner, when Daniel fails to propose to Helen, the curls over his forehead change alternatingly from shot to shot. (00:11:55)


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Daniel: Do you ever feel lost?
Claire Cooper: I invented it. It's mine.

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Question: Mel Gibson spends 50 years frozen inside a machine that his friend Harry built. After Mel awakes, he is still the same age, but he slowly starts to age back into what he would been at the time that he awoke. Later on He discovers that Harry knew this would happen. If Harry knew, why did he build the machine in the first place?. It seems to serve no purpose other than to waste years of someone's life.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Harry Findlay only discovered the ageing would irreversible after Daniel had been frozen; don't forget this was the first time he'd tried it on a human. Plus he only ever intended to freeze Daniel for a year, so this may not have been the main focus of the experiment anyway.

Answer: He only wanted to be frozen because his girlfriend was in a coma. Harry said, he only tried it on animals and wasn't to keen on the idea. Mel said to wake him when his girlfriend woke up. He figured it would only be for a few weeks or months. Joe Morton, the scientist, read a file on the experiment, stating that Harry died when a fire broke out in the lab and ran in to save him.

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