California Suite

California Suite (1978)


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Hannah Warren: You're worse than a hopeless romantic. You're a hopeful one.

Diana Barrie: We should never have come. I never know how to dress in this bloody country. It is so easy to dress in England. You just put on warm clothing.

Hannah Warren: I suppose if Jenny stays she'll grow up to look like that. Blonde hair. Blonde teeth. Blonde life.

Millie Michaels: How much would you say she is, Marvin? Does she look like a fifty dollar hooker to you?
Marvin Michaels: I don't know... I guess so.
Millie Michaels: What a cheap brother you've got. We spend a hundred and SEVENTY-FIVE on his lousy kid.

Diana Barrie: What's that green slime you're eating? It looks like a dish out of Oliver Twist.
Sidney Cochran: I'm not sure... I think they run the front lawn through a blender.

Bill Warren: You're not the same woman I left nine years ago.
Hannah Warren: And I have the missing ovaries to prove it.

Sidney Cochran: One day when you're an antique I shall vote for you. I promise.

Continuity mistake: When we first see Hannah, her room number at the Beverly Hills Hotel is 305. Later, when she and Bill return from a day at the beach, the room number is 306.

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