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Corrected entry: In the movie poster for this film Nicole Kidman's face is superimposed over a shot of the flags in front of the UN building. The UN flag is shown first, followed by the US, Canada and UK. In reality the flags are in alphabetical order.

Correction: How is that a movie mistake? The posters for movies usually different than actual scenes in movies, and are generally artistic impressions rather than history lessons.

Corrected entry: Sylvia's badge has a 2006 expiry date at one time and a 2007 date at another. Granted she could have renewed it, but that is convoluted. My first thought it that it was a clue, but obviously not.

Correction: "Granted, she sould have renewed it." Self correcting entry.

Corrected entry: The safe room is locked by a swipe-card, so why does Penn use an old fashioned key to gain entry? It's awfully lo-tech, and indicates that the room could be breached with not much force used against the door. Also, the safe room has magnificent panoramic views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Even if they are bullet-resistant, big panes would still shatter or at least move, especially if an RPG or explosive were used.

Correction: Sometimes low tech works just fine. Why else would cars, except the most expensive, still use keys when there are numerous alternatives to using a key such as remote start?

Corrected entry: After a suspected security breach of the United Nations, Nicole Kidman can just enter the building, walk the halls and use her card key to access doors without anyone knowing?

Correction: How do we know someone didn't know? With the security breach, it's very possible the guards were occupied searching for someone without a key card. Once they found no one without a key card, then they would begin searching those with key cards. Also it is possible she was monitored with security cameras.

Corrected entry: When Tobin is reciting the email that Silvia sent to Phillippe to her, what he says doesn't actually match what the email said. The actual email said something about 'Call me' yet he never mentions this - instead he says 'Write me'.

The Doctor

Correction: This could easily be a mistake on the character's part, not a continuity mistake. It is normal for someone to make such trivial mistakes when recalling something from memory.

Corrected entry: At the end, Nicole Kidman is talking with Sean Penn. She no longer has any scratches on her face from the bust bombing only a day or two earlier. In the previous scenes, she still has these scratches. There are conversational remarks that everything has happened over the course of nine days when they first met. These scratches would have have healed completely in only 2 or 3 days.

Correction: It's actually about three weeks later, not 2-3 days. We hear Sean Penn mention that his wife has been dead for twenty something days.

Jane Doe

Factual error: We are told at some point that Nicole Kidman has dual nationality because she was born in the US. In the final scene, when she is talking with Sean Penn about her future steps, she says she has been deported and given one day to leave the country. She was a US citizen, so it is impossible that she would be "deported".

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Tobin Keller: You lose somebody, you lose somebody. I don't wanna lose two somebodies.

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Trivia: "The Interpreter" was almost banned from Zimbabwe because of the similarities between the Matoban regime of Dr. Zuwanie and that of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

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Question: When Sylvia is reading through Simon's book, she writes down that Simon died, etc. Then she started to write "Sylvia". Why?

Jason Feng

Chosen answer: At this point, she has set her mind on killing the African leader and knows she'll likely be killed immediately afterwards (police, bodyguards, etc). She's writing her name in anticipation of her death.

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