McLintock! (1963)

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Corrected entry: In one of the funnier scenes of the movie, a tipsy John Wayne attempts to escort Maureen O'Hara up a flight of stairs while drinking from a bottle of whiskey. They fall to the foot of the stairs, and the bottle is empty. After bopping Wayne on the head with the bottle, O'Hara throws it against the wall, and it's miraculously full again.

Correction: The whiskey bottle has a cork, and he wasn't actually drinking from the bottle of whiskey while attempting to escort the two women up the flight of stairs.

Continuity mistake: When Kate, Mrs. Warren, and GW are all tumbling down the stairs together the two women are wearing flats, but their heels are back when they reach the floor.

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Running Buffalo: Swell party, where's the whisky?

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Question: After Wayne represents the Chiefs at their trial, his last words to them were in their language, and they responded in kind. What was said in their language, and the translation?

Answer: A ha alonney cha means live in harmony with the sun.

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