Happily Ever After
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Snow White: Why, you're not the seven dwarfs.
Sunburn: I should say not.
Snow White: But the seven dwarfs live in that cottage.
Muddy: Not anymore! They moved into a new mine way over the next kingdom.
Snow White: Well, then, who are you?
Muddy: We're their cousins, the seven dwarfelles! They gave us their cottage.

The Looking Glass: Snow White approaches a trap set by Lord Malice. But in the fog she isn't gonna find the palace! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
Lord Malice: You are insolent! But you have a point.

Sunburn: Huh. Talking looking glasses, tricky queens, secret doors. This place burns me up.

The Prince: I've never seen such magic as this. Who are you, what do you want.

Mother Nature: Just as love can bring the greatest joy, it can also bring the greatest sorrow. But then, it is love that makes people the most special of all my creatures.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Snow White has already been tied up by Lord Malice, the Dwarfelles come to rescue her. As the Dwarfelles are beating up Lord Malice, there's a quick shot of Snow White again and she is untied and has her hands covering her cheeks. Next shot, the fighting between the Dwarfelles and Lord Malice continues and Snow White is again tied up.

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