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Trivia: At the very end of the film, when the group uses the Improbability Drive to go to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, there are a lot of images that flash onto the screen when the drive is activated, so in the other parts of the film. In this case, the very last image shown is the face of Douglas Adams, the creator of the Hitchhiker series.

Trivia: The Magrathean answerphone message is played by Simon Jones, who plays Arthur in both the TV series and the radio series.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mistake picture

Trivia: In the planet construction facility, one of the planets resembles Douglas Adams's face.

Trivia: The leader of the demolition crew that comes to tear down Arthur's house has an Asian appearance, a vaguely Mongolian mustache and a round hat. He is straight from the book, where the character is a descendant of Ghengis Khan. He hates his life and has visions of hordes of Mongols laughing at him.

Trivia: When Ford and Arthur are in the pub at the beginning, in some shots there is a middle-aged woman at the left side of the screen looking at them. She played Trillian on stage, though was cast without anyone knowing this fact.

Trivia: The logo of Apple Computers can be seen just above Deep Thought's eye. Douglas Adams bought the first two Apple MacIntosh computers sold in the U.K. and remained a devoted Mac user for the rest of his life.

Trivia: The Marvin featured in the 1981 BBC television show can be seen in several shots in the scene in the Vogon Bureaucracy. Arthur does a double take as he passes him.

Trivia: Be sure to stay for the credits. About half way through there is a final Guide entry.

Trivia: As they enter the temple of the Jatravartid people of Viltvoldle Six, at the base of the stairs is a "perfect recreation of Douglas Adam's nose" (DVD commentary) modeled from a cyber-scan of this head that had been previously created for a game and used in the film as an homage to him following his death prior to the completion of the film.


Trivia: The message from ancient Magrathea was designed so that Simon Jones' head will appear in 3-D if the viewer happens to have a pair of old 3-D glasses on hand. (Stated on the DVD commentary track.)

Trivia: The various nose sculptures in the temple of the Great Green Arkelseizure are based on Douglas Adams' own nose.

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Trivia: The rather old-fashioned car that Ford tries to introduce himself to and nearly gets run down by is a real Ford Prefect. (00:07:20)

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Trivia: The hymn we hear in the temple scene was recorded in Douglas Adams' local church and dubbed over the scene.

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Trivia: The woman in the street sitting reading a newspaper and ignoring the Vogons is Douglas Adam's mother.

Trivia: During the early 1980's, Ivan Reitman was working with author Douglas Adams to make "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" into a film. However, the project fell apart when Reitman decided to work on another film instead - the film that would eventually become "Ghostbusters." The "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie didn't finally come out until over twenty years later.


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Question: How did Marvin get the point of view gun to function the way it did (The front part popping open and firing a huge, wide-coverage blast)? That never occurred any other time the weapon was fired, and Marvin couldn't have known how to do it since they had recently discovered the gun.

Answer: Marvin does have a brain the size of a planet! He could have easily worked out the controls or directly interfaced with the weapon.

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