Beauty Shop

Continuity mistake: When Vanessa is outside of the beauty shop playing her keyboard with her headphones, and Willie is talking to her, she takes off her headphones and puts them around her neck. In between shots the headphones disappear.

Julie kennedy

Continuity mistake: Gina drives up to a house and exits the vehicle. When shot moves to the other side of the vehicle it is not in the same place.

Wayne C.

Factual error: At the end of the film, Gina has her friends turn up the radio, and then screams into the phone "I'm on the radio" whilst hearing her voice live out of the radio speaker. In reality, live calls on the radio are delayed many seconds in case of editing needed due to language, etc. She would hear herself out of the radio on a delay, not live.

Mrs. Towner: When did y'all get to be so integrated around here?
Lynn: This morning.

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