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Jeff Talley: Joe! Only God gets to decide who lives and who dies.

Kevin Kelly: Why do I always gotta go?
Dennis Kelly: If I'm buying, you're flying. Get outta the truck.

Kevin Kelly: I'm your brother.
Dennis Kelly: I said I fucking.
Kevin Kelly: I'm your brother! So you gotta choose. Me, or Mars?
Dennis Kelly: I choose the money.

Jeff Talley: Why don't you tell me something that I don't fucking know?

Jeff Talley: Captain Wubba's going to save Planet Xenon.

Dennis Kelly: Rich people always got a way out.

Tommy Smith: Chief Talley?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, Tommy.
Tommy Smith: Is my daddy gonna be okay?
Jeff Talley: Yeah, son. A good friend o' mine is watchin' over him.

Jeff Talley: I thought you were the man in charge. Isn't that what you told me? You said "I'm the man"?
Dennis Kelly: I am the man! I am in charge.

Jennifer Smith: Would you stop it?
Tommy Smith: We need to help daddy.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up! Watch the tv. That's the police, okay? They're gonna help.
Tommy Smith: We gotta cut the tape.
Jennifer Smith: Shut up.
Tommy Smith: Pull all together, okay? Off the bed then like maybe we can get what's under the bed.
Jennifer Smith: Under my bed? What's under my bed?
Tommy Smith: Your bong. We can break it.
Jennifer Smith: What? Have you been sneaking in my room?

Kevin Kelly: Put it back.
Mars Krupcheck: Claustrophobic?
Kevin Kelly: Try fuckedaphobic.

Kevin Kelly: You're just making it worse.
Dennis Kelly: Look, I always take care of you.
Kevin Kelly: Bullshit.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, as Willis and Pollack drive the van, Willis is seen inserting the magazines in two handguns. The next scene shows hims putting the second gun on the center console, it has no magazine in it.

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