Mars tosses Kevin over a railing and then shoots Dennis. Jennifer and Tommy manage to escape from Mars when she stabs him in the face. Talley and the FBI guys infiltrate the house, where Mars starts tossing Molotovs at them. Talley grabs the siblings and the DVD and just as they are about to escape, an FBI agent shoots Talley and demands the DVD. Talley tosses it over. Just as the agent is about to pick up the DVD, Mars appears and tosses a Molotov at him. Talley draws his gun and finishes him off. Mars approaches and throws Molotovs everywhere as the house burns down. He is about to throw the last Molotov at Jennifer, Tommy and Talley when he stares at Jennifer and realizes how much he loves her. He drops the Molotov and goes up in flames. The three escape the building just in time. Jennifer and Tommy are treated for smoke inhalation. Talley's gunshot wound is stiched up and then he takes Walter to the mob meeting spot. He lets Walter go and Walter tells the mob to shoot Talley. Walter draws a gun Talley gave him and shoots one of the mob guys in the head. Talley finishes the work and rescues his family. They peel away in the ambulance, leaving Walter alive to go back to his family.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end, as Willis and Pollack drive the van, Willis is seen inserting the magazines in two handguns. The next scene shows hims putting the second gun on the center console, it has no magazine in it.

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Jeff Talley: Joe! Only God gets to decide who lives and who dies.

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Question: I have two questions. 1) What exactly does Mr. Smith do with the DVDs? 2) I don't understand the final scene, is Mr. Smith helping Jeff Talley or is he helping the masked men?

Answer: The purpose of the DVD is that the information the criminals are after is hidden in the code of the DVD. The illegal bank accounts and funds and such are all encrypted on the disk. He is also helping Jeff after he realizes that he put his life on the line for his family and saved his children.


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